It’s a beautiful day to you out there, on our previous articles on blogging we  discussed what a blog is, and i believe you all know what a blog is now? So also we’ve talked about some of the common features of  blog? right? But am so sure some people will still be in doubt and confused that they have not yet learn what blogging really is.

We needed to start from the root because of those that have no knowledge of what blog is all about. Now you know what a blog his and we will be moving straight to “How to Get Started”. I so much believe some people are waiting so much for us to talk about this, in other not to get them off the track of their passion for blogging. I have few steps for you on how to start a blog and blogging these are as follows:

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1. Create a gmail account:

 The first thing for you to do in getting started is to create an account on gmail, and those that already have an account there can possibly go to to create a new blog there.


2.Create a Blogger account to get started.

Before signing up with Blogger, you need login information (a username and password). If you have an account with one of Google’s services, such as Gmail, you can log in to Blogger by using that account information. I 

f you don’t have a Google account, you get one when you sign up with Blogger. If you started an account with Blogger before Google acquired it back in 2002, click the Claim Your Old Blogger Account link at the top of the Blogger home page.

3.Name your blog. 

Now it is the best time to think of a name that is search engine friendly. I’ll advice you to give a lot of thought on getting an attractive name for your subdomain. Most important, names that can suit well to the niche you want to start blogging on. For instance, like myself now, my blog name is yourblogcoach; I chose this because I wanted to teach new bloggers and others the secret behind blogging. So it’s about teaching.

4.Choose a template for your blog.

There are lots of free templates you can chose from blogger’s archive for your new blog. This template determines how your blog look and how the elements are laid. 

Looking at mine own template now, it’s a blogger template and you can see how cool and calm the look is? Therefore my advice for you is to choose a template that will be search engine and user friendly. An advantage in blogger platform is that you can always change the template later, whenever you see anyone that pleases you. 

  5. Start Blogging 

 Now this is where we start. The question is after creating your blog, what next? I actually wrote an article on this point few weeks ago, and I’ll like you to read it. The big game is when you’ve set up your blog, what and what are you supposed to do? These are what you will find in this post. 

But to give you a green light, I think getting a high quality content published should be a priority. Why did I mention high quality? I mean a self -made article that will introduce visitors and readers to your new blog. You’ll tell them what you are about to start on the blog and you vision in the next few years. Now read what next, after creating a blog?

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