Yea! Good day friends, how have you been doing today? I brought a hot post for you today which i believe many would really love. Have you ever been on the road travelling and your favorite club is playing and there was no means of watching it? Hmm! i think few of us might have been in this kind of situation one or twice.

 And maybe one time Mum had forced you to take her to the supermarket , and you needed to watch an El classico, you are so lucky to e reading this post because i have got a solution for you which is how to watch live matches from your Andriod, iphones and Techno. You know what? you can also watch TV programs and also movies. 

So how do i get started with that??? Exactly the question arousing from most people’s mind right away. The first thing i do recommend for people to do is to get PPClink installed on their iPhones, andriod, ipad and window phones.

 This PPClink is actually a portable software that supports mobile TV, and it has alot of TV stations with free channels and good news for most ladies that love to watch indian movies, you can aslo find them there in masses. Do you know PPClink offers up to 80% of pro TV stations for free. Its a good place to visit ooo. So now, i’ll talk about we football lovers. And paying a reasonable attention to what am going to say is the best.


How to Watch Live Football Matches From An Android Phones/Devices

1.The first thing to do is, Install MX Player

2.Follow by installation of Ustv (apps from Android market) Ustv, enables you to watch premium Dstv channels for free

3 For foreign and Local radio stations, install Tunein Radio app from Andriod market. With this app. these are the radio station to get.

Rythm FM

Lagos FM
Eko FM
Wazobia FM etc

NOTE: In case you want more sport channels, visit: ,likewise BB users are not in exception anyway. We only talk more on Andriod because probably it’s about ruling the world now.  And for those who love to watch movies, visit for your seasonal movies. Thanks and Enjoy!!!

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