Many times, the thought of how we can auto tweet  Facebook status do come to my mind. Because i didn’t see the reason why we can auto tweet our post from our blog to Facebook, and then why can’t we be able to auto tweet our Facebook status to twitter, because to me it kind of frustrating going to twitter every time to tweet the same status on Facebook.

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 Hmm! guess it’s becoming more interesting now right? So i now sat down and made research and found out that it can well be automated i.e Facebook status can be converted to tweet automatically without login to your twitter account, and the main reason why i brought up this is because so many people don’t know how it really work.

So today, i will make it a point of duty to share a simple step to follow on how you can link your Facebook profile/ page to your Twitter account, so that your Facebook status can be automatically be posting on your twitter account.

So Go to to link your Facebook profile (or page) to your Twitter account.

 You can also do it using any of the two Facebook app link given below:

  • Tweet 2 Twitter
  • Tweeter
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