When we talk about effective and successful blogging, then we make mention of these following things: Good traffic, Number of comments, People’s response to your blog. These are what we all see as someone having a successful blog.

Well, on another instance, being a successful blogger also depend on how well you’ve built a wonderful relationship with other bloggers in your niche, and also outside your niche. Your readers are not left behind in this case, because your success as a blogger also counts on your relationship with the readers, by the amount and the quality of content you often provide for them.

 Running a good race of driving tons of traffic to your blog is also an evidence of you building a successful blog. But this actually is capped with all the stated points above. For you to be a successful blogger as a starter there are some basic things you need to know and understand in blogging world. Therefore today, I will be discussing the basic guide lines all new bloggers need, to become a better and a successful blogger.

  1. Be Passionate about Blogging:

This invariably is my first rule of blogging. Whenever you are passionate about what you do, you will always succeed in it. Are you passionate about blogging? Are you a kind of person that’s more concern about the health status of your blog? Are you always responding to your readers comment? If yes, then you are on the verge of succeeding with blogging.

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 When I talk about passion for blogging, I’m talking from the stand of the blogging that is convenient for you. When you love to teach people tips, trick and secret of blogging without making money yet with blogging, then you can consider yourself been passionate.

 However, a lot of bloggers have dropped blogging all because they weren’t passionate about blogging when they started. And looking from the basis of why they started which was “make money”. But when they started for some time and couldn’t make anything, they faded. Be passionate about anything you do and you will succeed.

  2. Get a good and professionally created Blog:

From a saying that “The way you are dressed, is the way people will address you”. It has been a very great and important thing to check when you venture into blogging, that you blog must be professionally designed. In fact, for you to apply for adsense this day, blog design is one of the things Google look out for.

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How well can your reader navigate their ways on your blog, you privacy policy etc. looking at the aspect of your readers, we all know that people love blogs that are readable with good combination of colors and the ones that are very fast in loading.

 An advice has been given on color selection on blogs, that it is very good to use a white background blog, so as to make you words come out plain and clear on your blog. Blog design is very important as a beginner to blogging.

  3. Write Attractive Blog title:

This is a very important aspect of blogging that a new beginner should learn. Most times your blog title makes or breaks a particular post. What do I mean by this? When you write a captivating and an optimized blog post, then people are bond to read it heavily, but when you blog title is dull, you know opposite will be the case.

 It is of paramount importance to know the issues about the topic you are discussing, and you content should focus more on your title. The title must not be too long, but must be optimized so it can meet with what your visitors are searching for on the web. Titles draw traffic for blogs; therefore your blog title must be very attractive so as to draw people to reading your blog. Remember, first impression last longer than anything.

  4. Add Values with your content

Do you know that readers love blogs that add one or two things to their knowledge. I find it very interesting when I visit a blog, and I was able to find solutions to the challenge I came with. I keep telling people that for you to create a blog that will become evergreen; you need to learn how to write evergreen articles, solution articles.

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 What I mean by every green articles are post that in the next 10 years when a new bloggers come looking for “how to” solve a particular blogging issue; your blog will still be relevant. I believe you get my point? Solution blogs get massive traffic because they provide solutions to masses blogging problem.

 The values you carry on your blog will determine how far and how strong it will become in the next 2-5 years. Therefore, add values with your blogs, provide solutions with your blog then your blog will be the next highly rated and sorted blog.

  5. Update your blog regularly

 The success of a blog depends strongly on how regular you update your blog with a high quality content. Blogging is all about providing useful information to your blog readers, which invariably help you to drive traffic to your blog.

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 I wrote an article sometimes ago, “Write more to get more- the secret of targeted traffic.” I’ll advice you should read it or open it in a new tab before you proceed to the next point.

  6. Active and Reply Comments:

It is very important to give response to any comment made on your blog. Do you know why? It makes your reader build more trust in you. Imagine you having comment on a post for more than 2 weeks in which you needed an answer to one particular challenge, and nobody could reply your comment.

 Most times, this is very frustrating and it makes any blogger who engage in that act to lose more readers than he/she can imagine. Therefore, I’ll employ you to pay more attention to you comments, and give necessary response to them.

  7. Take cognizance of Keywords

This is a word you can do without in blogging, or when writing your blog post. It’s so effective and relevant that it makes and breaks a blog. The use of keywords are very important , when you use an irrelevant keywords for your blog just to rank high in search engines, then you are in for trouble and this may warrant penalty from Google. Therefore when you want to use keywords, make sure you use the ones your readers are searching for on your blog.

  8. Use Social Media

No blogger of today can do away with social medial marketing. Social media has been one of the greatest means of increasing blog’s visibility, and when it comes to the question “How do I make my blog popular?”, social media is the best answer to that.

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 Facebook, twitter and Linkedin is another way of making blog popular this day. Not only will they increase your blog visibility, they also get more targeted traffic to your blog globally.

  9. Enjoy Blogging:

You only succeed in what you enjoy often. This is one of the secrets I share with new beginners, when you love your blog and blogging then success awaits you. A friend of mine told me that “You cannot enjoy what you are not passionate about”, which is absolutely true. You need to enjoy blogging, so as to enjoy the success coming.

  10. Wait for success:

A very important aspect of blogging which every new blogger should know is that, blogging needs a lot of patience. In blogging, success is not overnight… but over time and the reward is over night.

 A lot of people lose focus when they are not getting as much traffic and encouragement as they expected. But you need to be patient to build authority and relationship that will fetch you the success you want in blogging. There is a lot of hard work that is required in blogging.

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