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The need is fast rising and the prominence of using mobile phones in browsing cannot be left undiscussed. Bloggers are making sure their blogs are mobile friendly these days and also be able to catch the attention of their readers.

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If the desktop view of your blog is what your readers see on their smartphones, then you need to get advance to mobile.


There are some blog views you get on your mobile phones that take longer minutes to load which in turn might frustrate your readers if it’s not optimized for mobile view. When it comes to making your blog mobile friendly, all you need to do is to enable the blogger mobile template from your dashboard.

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 When you enable the mobile template, it will re-sharp your blog for smartphones to enhance reader’s viewing experience. The good thing about this method is that whenever you use a mobile phone to access a blog, it will automatically redirect to the mobile view. It also support ads and allow your readers to leave comments.

 Therefore, how can you enable the Mobile view on blogger blog? 

To create a mobile friendly blog, simply login in to your dashboard,

 Go to template.

 Click on “settings icon” below the mobile template preview.

 A box will pop up, then select the “yes, show a mobile template on mobile devices”.



Finally chose a desire mobile template and then click save settings.

 Now your blog readers will be seeing the blogger mobile view of your blog whenever they access your blog with a smartphone.

  How to customize the Mobile View of Your BlogSpot Blog 

You’re wondering I added this? Actually this post came on request, but I believed my readers can definitely gain more from it. Now, you can also customize your mobile view to your blog template wherein your AdSense will be able to show.

You can always add the “custom” mobile template. Looking at it, by default blogger have provided like 8 mobile template which are not editable, but for you to edit you have to activate the custom template.

 Note:The good side of the custom mobile template is that AdSense mobile ads shows on it if you’ve embedded the Google ad unit in your blog, probably by configuring your blog to display inline ads.

  Over to You

 Have you in one way or the other having challenges on how to set up your blogger mobile views that display AdSense? What is your take about this post?

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