We all know that traffic is the core soul of all blogs, and getting traffic to our blog gives us peace of mind in that we believe that we can now start filling our pockets with earned money from the blog.


But I’m telling you today that most times it’s not about how much targeted traffic you drive to your blog that matters, but driving a profitable traffic from a targeted audience that converts and which is what I’m about to share the secret with you today.

Have you thought about why everyone wants to blog? It’s because that is the best way to make money online and some few months back, I also wrote about how to make money online with your PC and internet facility. However, a blog can be created easily in seconds but driving traffic to it, is the big deal!

Even some people also get high traffic through several means but at the long run that traffic is not profitable. When I talk about profitability here, I’m talking about even few traffic from the right source would convert for you. Do you know that traffic at times do not generates the money you want for you?

Quality traffic depends on the country from which we’re getting the highest traffic. Funny enough, if that country is kind of poor in real life then your chances of making good money online with your blog is slim. But if the country is very rich like United States, United Kingdom and Canada, then your conversions will also fetch you real money.

So many bloggers I’ve tried so hard to get targeted traffic from these particular countries, but all to no avail. But today, I’ll teach you how to get your geographic traffic from United States and Canada. Enjoy!

• Login into your Webmaster Tools account >> Site Dashboard

• Click setting Icon At The Top Right Corner and Go To “Site Settings”

• Tick The Box “Target Users in” And Choose Country “United States” or As You Like.


• Click on “Save”

• It’s Done!

Over to you

How do you see this post? I believe you enjoy this post to the fullest? Lots of bloggers I’ve been looking for this opportunity, and I hope you’ll make perfect use of it. 

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