Blog titles is strongly one of the secret ways to call up your blog in search enagine results, if properly optimized. In my last post, I discussed on how you can add Meta description to your blogger blog.


I find out lately that most new bloggers still use blogger platform, most especially those that are in other niches. But today, I will be talking on how you can optimize you blog titles by using H2 tag. This is a very important aspect of search engine which you need to know and most especially if you are still using blogger platform.

Headline tags start from H1 and go up to H6 in decreasing order of size. They play acute importance in your blog template optimization. Just as I explained in my previous post that Meta description is a way to tell the search engine what your blog is all about.

Headlines, bolded and highlighted texts catches attention. By default all blogger templates are made such that the H1 tag is given to Homepage Main Title, H2 is given to Blog Description or Header dates, sidebar headers and H3 is assigned for post titles.

Which invariably mean that your Post titles are second most important part of your blog after the main title. Sidebar titles and Post description are peanuts in comparison to your post titles. Do you know that it’s you post title that pings search engines for updates and they are indexed and as well crawled by robots.

When it comes to SEO, we often refer to post title as the KING while the post body which is the content is refer to as the Queen; funny right? So if the so called king is addresses with a wrong header tag (H3) instead of H2, then I think you should start looking for alternative to get search engine traffic.

 How to Change Post Titles Heading Tags in Blogger Blogs 

To change post titles default H3 tag to H2 heading Tag then follow the steps below,

Go To Blogger> Design > Edit HTML

2. Backup your template

3. Search for .post h3

4. and replace it with .post h2 (keep replacing that for all occurrences of .post h2)

5. Then search for,

And replace it with this,


6.Save your template and Congratulations the job is done.

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