samsung galaxy tab E

Hello ABC Readers guess it’s been a very long time; I’m sure some my readers would be having doubts of any admin handling allbloggingcoach, but I have good news for you. I’m fully back and more often you’ll receive solution packed post.

Today, I bring to you a simple solution but eventually I’ve been battling with it since I got my Samsung galaxy tab E, on how to set the timeout delay.

However, this might not be an issue to some but for every challenge you had, at least people out there also face such. For me not to take much of your time, let’s move quickly to the deal of today; which is

How to set the timeout delay of Samsung Galaxy Tab E

Select how long the display screen remains lit after you touch the screen or press any key.
1. From a Home screen, touch Apps > Settings > Display

2. Touch Screen timeout

3. Select a screen timeout period.

I hope i have in one way or the other assisted someone in fixing his/her long time search on how to extend screen light on samsung galaxy Tab E.

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