Everyone wants to write great articles, you know the type, the ones that generate plenty of traffic. The best content marketing has valuable content, with high-result keywords, and amazing, compelling calls to action. But how does that make you profit? 

When you drive your traffic to a specific site, or page, the page can market to a highly-targeted niche. Those wonderful, lovely people who read what you write in content, will most likely be interested in whatever you’re selling too. That is… If what you write relates to what you sell. 


 1 – Write Quality Fun to Read Content 

The better you write, the better your audience will read what you write. If you need ideas for what to write, look no further than what you like to read. You’re probably a good example of your own marketing niche. What do you like to read?

 A mystery novel may not be proper or appropriate for some marketing types, but why not be creative and add some mystery to your content? 

 If it wasn’t all done on a dark and stormy night… perhaps you were inspired by the threatening clouds of gray skies and some odd noise being sparked in the night skies… Creative content goes a long way toward drawing in your target market. 

2 – Focus on Keywords but Write for Real People

 More often than you’d ever suspect, I get a message from a guest blogger offering to write a blog for me and the blog they send is so filled to the brim and overflowing with keywords, that it is unreadable. Write for real people. Keep it real. Like, occasionally include a story that’s more than one line long. And tell them what you really think. It’s okay to rant a little. 

 It makes people think you trust them when you tell them how you really feel. So, tell them. Be transparent. Then back it up with some accountability. And for reals… Give them something to sink their teeth into. 

 One of my favorite bloggers actually lets her hair down now and then, to let her readers see her in jammy pants and a tank top with no bra. She’s REAL. That’s what readers want to see, real people on the other side of the pen.

 3 – Function Verses Concept is a Content Marketers Dream

 Do you know who reads what you write? That question came up today in an online conference, and I realized that I have an exact replica of who reads what I write looking back at me every morning in the mirror. That’s what happens when you realize you’re writing for people who are just like you – except you figured it out… They’re still working on it. They need the solutions you offer and they’ll buy them, if you give them a solution they can recognize as VALUE. 

 Readers are smart. They’re not buying something that has no value. So move beyond the concept of having a solution to offering a functional solution that fills the need. Answer their questions in your content, don’t just tell them you’re going to. Do it. 

 Give them a functional response instead of a conceptual idea that you might know what you’re talking about. Get real. Give them VALUE. 

Jan Verhoeff 

designs websites, offers blogging advice, and consults with small business owners to help them understand how to put their ideas into profitable online businesses. If you need more profit from your idea, visit http://janverhoeff.com and learn how it’s done – for real.

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