Not quite long, I wrong an article on how to drive quality links to you blog. But today I will be discussing about the benefits of interlinking of blog posts. Though I have come across many blogs who used this method, but it doesn’t stop us from talking more about it because of some new bloggers out there. 

Interlinking your posts has for real proofed to be effective in giving your site a free flow of information which search engines like. But when we try to look beyond the search engine aspect, I saw this method as a very good way which most time passes message beyond the article such visitor is reading.

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Increase in Page views 

I guess someone is already asking how interlinking increases pages views. That’s a very good question because am going to answer this question with my own experience. I’ve notice several times that if I visit a blog that has internal links, I often open those links in a new tab, because most times I found something interesting about those links which I want to read. 


And automatically I stay longer in the blog trying to explore those links that seems good. Search engines take note of time spent on a web page, and I guess that is a plus for you. Any reader who stays long on your web definitely saw something intriguing, and he/she would want to come back again. And the more the visit, the more money generating for you. 

  Google spider like internal Links

I sat down and I thought why the spiders like internally linked articles, because from all researches It was shown that the search engine spider like interlinking blog posts, because it makes their work very fast when they are crawling your blog to index you blog contents. 


And with this proper linking structure you gave your blog posts, you have upper hand as to search engine navigation.
Note: for those who thought interlinking of blog posts have anything to do with back linking, there is nothing like that. All interlinking just have to do is to make your web pages more visible to crawling spiders. 

  Interlinking gives room for Anchor text

In case of those who doesn’t know what anchor text are, examples are go here,” “read more,” and “click here for more information.” Which we most times use to direct readers to a particle link. Interlinking of blog posts also give room for that, in other not to abuse the use of internal linking.

 There is a way you do it, that makes you article to be very interesting in that it gives the reader no option than to be in suspense to get more about the particular information. They can also be used as internal links or back link.

  Interlinking gives room for updates

Interlinking of your blog posts is very powerful in that it gives room for updates on the old post. There are some articles you wrote may be few months ago, and you now write a similar article this time around. You definitely have the opportunity to give a link of the old article in the new one, since you have the archive of your blog posts.

 By doing this, your readers will gain from your old post, and also benefit from the existing ones too. And it’s going to be a fulfilling journey, getting all you need in a just a page. I think that’s cool.

  Make Interlinking a Habit 

When you give it a trial, you’ll never regret it. I write based on my experience and practices. What I did and worked for me is what I give people, so endeavor to discipline yourself and make routine check on your posts frequently.


In fact, you can always add it to you blog posts anytime that you think you’ve updated your blog in some areas that are relevant to previous posts. 

I’ll like you to comment and share this post to some other people who you also think will benefit from this article as you have right now. There is a word that says “There is love in sharing”, so I wouldn’t want it to be that you’ll only benefit from this, why others wished to. So please share, like, tweet, and make this post go viral. Thanks
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