The questions most of the time is; should we just be a part of a building team, write for pity or what we’ve always wanted is to get backlink that’ll increase our page rank? I believe these are some of the questions most bloggers battled with in their minds, which eventually which eventually keep some of them away from guest posting.

 On several occasions, I have reads blogs that wrote on how to increase one’s blog visibility with guest posting, but with all this campaign and emphasis, some bloggers still never find their strength in guest posting on other blogs. 

In case you never noticed, I did and for a while I’ve been researching on some reasons while you as a person refuse to guest post. Be it top level blog or average blogs.

 Now let’s answer these following questions in our minds.
  Are you contented with your daily page views? 
 Do you think you’ve built enough relationship with other bloggers?
  Is your blog exposed to the level you want? 
 Have you gotten the page rank you desire? 

Each and every one of these questions is turned to have one or two effects on your blogging strategy. I believe no blogger is never okay with his/her daily page views because we all want millions of daily visitors on our blog. 

So also when we talk about page rank; we all want to have PR 9 like Facebook and Google right? And some newbies aspire to be like Darren Rowse, the CEO of

Therefore, if we all aspire and desire all these, then why have we all chose the part of not guest posting? The following reasons why some bloggers refuse to guest post was actually fetch out from interviews, and discussion I had with both new bloggers and few bloggers that already gotten their legs thatched in blogging industry. 

The belief of having fewer articles on their blogs 

Actually, I busted into laughter when I interacted with the first blogger. He told me that he only had few article published on his blog then why should he started writing for others. Hmm! That was how I exclaim when he finished talking. 

Then I realize that this is actually the key reason why some bloggers are still not guest posting. They believe with the few articles they have in their archive, they’ll be publishing it one after the other and this can reduce their times of sitting down and writing every time. 

More grease to the elbow of a young man, Adetechblog. He had few post on his blog, and he never consider this first point as a way to pull him off from guest posting, because he knows the efficacy of guest posting. My advice for you is to start guest posting on top blogs today if you’ve not started. Because there is more to it than what you see. 

Fear of Rejection 

I do tell people that “you cannot know what you can do, unless you try them”. Trying and self-belief is one of the key to success in life. You don’t have to take up fear, all because you want to guest post. Though some bloggers, especially the newbies are willing to be a guest blogger, but they are scared because they might be rejected by the top bloggers, all because they are not sure of their competency when it comes to writing. You need to keep trying until you get there, and don’t forget that practice makes perfection. Therefore keep on writing. 

Time Schedule 

I met with some bloggers and they said most times they find it difficult to update their blog because of time factor, therefore I can’t just guest post. I believe with good planning strategy, things can be done effectively where by your work will not be affected by your blogging. 

Then if we are to follow this point, then everybody should be busy. But we still have some people that create time, out of no time to do what they love. I personally have passion for writing and blogging; therefore I have my personal time table which I follow every day. I think you should implement that too.


I need to tell you that some people are totally ignorant of guest posting and also the benefit attached to it. Most especially those bloggers that are not in blogging niche.

 I think people needs to be told about the benefits of guest posting, because we have loads of benefits and advantages that you stand to gain from guest posting. Especially when you guest post on top blogs in your niche and which have high page rank. 

Some of the benefits of guest posting are:
Increase in daily traffic 
Blog exposure 
You’ll have more subscribers
 Your backlink will increase 
Then you’ll build a good relationship with top bloggers. 

Lack of Direction 

This point is also very vital in that most bloggers lack the direction on how to go about guest posting. I’m sure most blogs that does guest post have a page on their blog that gives the guideline on how you can go about guest posting. 

Therefore, when you’ve gotten a top blog you’ll like to guest post for, read their likes and dislikes before you proceed in submitting your article to such blog. I believe I’m in line with the reasons why you decided not to guest post? Therefore, take it as a must today and start guest posting. 

If you find this article informative, endeavor to share this post with your friends on Facebook  twitter etc. Always come back to read. It’s all about you.


  1. Hiii Asaolu Olubayode Andrew,
    Thanks for sharing such interesting and the fact things in this article. Fear of Rejection Still stopping me to write a Guest post. but now i am going to write a nice guest post soon. thanks again dear…!!

    • Yea! you need to let go of your fear. And for this, i will give you an opportunity to drop a guest post on my blog.

      i’m expecting your blogpost


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