Social media has been a great fortune for most people lately, especially online marketers. It’s was discovered few months ago that the rate at which people visit social media sites, especially the youths was confirmed to be more than the way they’ve always visited porno sites. 
Though many of them took the great advantage of this to show case their gifts, why other benefited also on the negative side. 

Few weeks ago, I listened to the news when one young girl called Laura committed suicide, after her friends mocked her on Facebook. Using social media has been a great reward for some people especially the bloggers and internet marketers, because they make a lot of money using the social Medias. Lately I took my time to research and was able to gather some 5 revealed secrets of using social Medias. 


Some people have use the advantage of been a social media addict builds a name for themselves. There are lots of people one Facebook which only have the job of building reputation, by maybe tweeting people’s tweet and some decided to be liker on Facebook.

 I think in this aspect of reputation, a lot of bloggers have tracked their way in building names for their blog. Taking about their likes of problogger, Nairaland. All these guys took to building their name from social media right from the onset.

Internet marketers and most companies are typical example. Some affiliated site took social media has their main channel for sharing their links which eventually is also what we all known as marketing. Lately when I visited Facebook, I saw that some advertisements are rolling in and out on the left flank of Facebook. 

Such companies know the effectiveness of marketing their product on social Medias. Due to the cause of intense increase in technology lately, many corporate enterprises, IT companies has voted for social media has a very good platform to show case their product.

  Job Search 

Sometimes ago, I posted an article on how to use LinkedIn to get your dream job. In the recent years, many companies and establishments prefers to get their vacancies out to the social Medias, because they know that’s where people can hear the voice of their companies.

 Facebook also is not left out, because some job blogs uses Facebook to pass out information about the latest job vacancies. 

Boosting Traffic

Exactly what I’m talking about, all bloggers and online marketers know that they can’t underestimate the power of social media networks in the boosting of their blog traffic. 

Some very good examples of social media bookmarking site with high page rank are: Reddit, stumble upon, delicious. From the statistics of my traffic last month, I realize that social media took the second place of the traffic in take after Google. It’s definitely one for the best medium to boost your blog traffic within a limited time. 

  Track competitors 

This is one of the points everybody will like to pay attention to, because we all want to outsmart our pro right? It is very important to keep an eye on our competitors, as we all know what’s going on in blogging these days. 

Using social media will definitely provide valuable data for keyword research, where to get blogs that are related to yours and also marketing insight. Therefore if your competitors are using some social media marketing techniques that really works for them, I think the best thing to do is to do the same thing i.e. the same method, but use them better.

 In conclusion, I believe having taking your time to read this post, I think I have unveiled the secrets which you need to know in using social media. The ball is now in your court to choose how to utilized the now revealed secrets of using social medias.
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