Apple confirmed today in statements to many media shops that it’ll purchase Shazam, pending approval. This news had antecedently been rumored by TechCrunch, which had one source claiming the sale worth was around $400 million—far but Shazam’s $1 billion valuation at its last round of funding.

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Shazam is arguably best known for its music recognition technology; tap the “Shazam” button in the app for smartphones and it’ll sometimes identify whatever song it hears after just a couple of seconds. Shazam has become thus popular that there’s even a network TV game show referred to as Beat Shazam hosted by Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx. In it, contestants must guess songs faster than Shazam will.

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But Shazam has also invested in second-screen TV viewing features, image recognition, and increased reality services and product. Shazam’s talent and technology may well be used in many of Apple’s products and initiatives, together with Apple Music, Siri, and augmented reality.

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Shazam already integrates with Siri. you’ll ask Siri “what song is this” while a song is playing outwardly, and, after a long pause, it’ll give you with the name and artist, along side a “buy” button for Apple Music/iTunes gussied with Shazam logo. Currently, the Shazam app permits you to add a song to your Spotify playlist when identifying it, no matter whether you are using an Apple or android phone. we do not know yet what, if something, can happen to it feature attributable to the Apple purchase.

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That said, the acquisition is perhaps concerning much more than the widely celebrated music recognition feature. Shazam has been developing augmented reality features that allow brands to serve up customized ads and transaction opportunities to users who use the app on visual or aural cues around them. Apple’s Tim Cook has created it copiously clear that he expects augmented reality to be one among Apple’s biggest areas of growth and investment. much of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X’s hardware and software is built with AR specifically in mind, and Apple is even rumored to be working on a pair of AR eyeglasses, though it’ll likely be a while before we see those in the market, if we do in the least.

Shazam may help Apple further legalize these AR features, among different things.


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