There is nothing to debate about again; blogging has been so known and famous a midst everybody in the globe lately, owing to what everybody believes about it; which is making money with your blog. Though most people still believe you make money immediate you get a blog, it’s actually right but that was few years back when Google Adsense was still very easy to crack but now, arrgh!!!. Forget it.

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Everyone has chosen blogging has a means of advertising their product these days; at least from research, probably internet blaze now but not with standing, whether you are online company or artistry, they prefer to promote their product online. Like about a month ago, I received a call from an unknown person requesting she wanted to advertise her fashion shop on my blog, we negotiated and all went pretty well.

Get me right, it’s not that people had forgotten the old ways, although said methods are still effective in their own way. But people chose online business and advertisement because it goes viral and touches wider audiences; in that you can be seen around the world instantly. Not with the existence of the likes of Facebook, twitter and relatives.


In this business world, coined to the world of blogging you have a lot to do as per organization and maintenance. From my title “Are you blogging for business or for fun”. Most people till now don’t really know their stand, and that is the genesis of failure in blogging.

You need to know what you are up to in blogging and for those who know their stand in blogging which is business oriented, don’t relax yet because you need to get the voice of your blog to the climax. Advertisement campaign goes a long way; probably you are shy of owing a blog? *smiles* in what others wished.

The more you make you blog attractive, the more people are visiting. People hate site that drags, most especially I, because it pisses me off. Guess you know that your sponsors will be more inclines to leave their ads running on your blog, as long you have a good traffic flowing in.

  Blogging for Business

Have you ever thought of this? How blogging works for business? Guess I have several times and that’s what’s making me to put up this article. It’s mandatory if you want to blog for business, you need to set up a blog. A blog which you can update as you get more information about your company.

It’s always very good as company who wants to own a blog to buy a domain name from a registered and known hosting account to get a space there, like godaddy. This is very important because you need to get a space for your products and uploading some stuffs to the net. “Anyway they said if knowledge is too expensive, you can try ignorance”, so probably if you can’t afford a domain name with space up web. You can as well try the free ones which blogger, or wordpress could serves you right.

  What to consider in getting a domain name?

Also in getting a domain name, it’s not necessarily means you get the one with you niche or the popular demand. What do I mean by popular demand? People believes only dot com is d best. It’s fine, but we can underestimate others.

If for example the name you chose does not fall under dot com, like maybe someone has used it, you can as well got for dot org or dot net thereabout. They are also very fine. And in the aspect of chosen a name for you blog, it’s very advisable to choose the ones close or even in the lineage of you niche, because it good in SEO line.

Never you use a domain name with dash, never, because it sucks. Hardly will people get you with that. Names without dashes are more search engine friendly.

  Your Blog Design Speaks For You :

People don’t really want to believe in this design of a thing. But during the course of my research, I came across a material by Google which strikes a point on you having a blog that have an attractive design, and simplicity might also work.

You don’t have to get multicolored site, or heavy. There are over thousands of blogger templates you can use, like mine which are also available for free and with different themes you think matches your blog. Blogger and wordpress platform are the best have seen so far, because they are user friendly. And with them, you can add different widgets and plugins that you wish… to make it beautiful.

  Original Content Pave way :

If you want to get to the top, you need to be different and your difference should be in everything. When you talk you mind, people hear you faster. And that’s exactly about original content. Over and over again, I’ll keeping talking and writing about the issue of original content, because it’s the king. 

Let’s take for instance, if you can never be the best if you keep copying other people’s work…. but the second best. So endeavor to post unique contents, original and SEO friendly. Let me give you a tip, know what are keyword?. It speaks for you.
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