Good day ABC Readers, how are you doing? I believe you enjoyed my last post that I wrote on Harleena? If you haven’t read it, then I’ll advice you open it in a new tab and also read it after this post.

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 But today, I’m bringing yet another informative post. I’m sure some bloggers have written articles on it, but many bloggers are not taking it too serious as they should.

 During the week days, I tried promoting my blog posts on thewriterssocial; this is also one of the happening blogging communities where you can submit your post and it’ll be shown in their home page for other writers to comment and like. After some few days that I’ve submitted a post, I got a private message from the admin suggesting to me that I should try and be using bigger images in other not to make my post lost on the platform.

Images they said speaks a thousand words in an article or post. Most times the image in your blog post gives your reader a very good reason to read the post. I noticed recently that Harleena uses images to pass across message to her followers on Facebook and which is a very good thing.

 So what I’m I saying in essence is not only should you use larger images that have been use by many others, but to use images that are made only for you. Gbam!!!

 I caught you right? There are some images that are called “Royalty free images”. I’ve you heard about them? They are images that have the license to be use freely. You don’t have to acknowledge the source like some bloggers do.

 Thanks to a new friend that I met yesterday, he opened my eyes to so many things about using images on blog post. He taught me where to get free images that are not Google banked.

 We all know what Google hold against people that uses other bloggers’ images? Sometimes ago, I wrote some few articles on images:

1. How to get backlink from images

2. How to watermarked your images

You can read them later.

These two posts were purposely written for those who steal images on Google image search, you need to read these to know the negative effects of plagiarism.

From my research, do you know that Google searches individual blog servers to see if there are copied contents, stolen images, and linked attached to images (acknowledgement)?

Oh! Now you know that. When Google bot finds out that the image on your post isn’t yours, and you have almost the same keywords with the original owner of the images, they rank you low and rank him high.

blog-post-imagesVictor ekpott my new friend is a prolific web designer and developer; he knows the root core of building websites. He is a different man with a distinct principle of life and an unshakable integrity. He has built websites for many top people here in Nigeria and also in abroad. You can connect him on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Now back to our main topic,

  How do you make your image bigger?

There are situations whereby we upload images on our blogs and after we’ve publish them, we now realize that the images are smaller than the required speculation.

 Now the situation here is how can you increase the size of your images from your HTML editor? Below I’ll be giving the steps by which you can increase the size of your images. This is particularly for those using blogger platforms.

1. Upload your desire image from your blogger post editor.

 2. After the images have appeared on the compose section of the blogger

3. Then click the HTML Button beside the compose button, then you’ll see the image codes

<div class=”separator” style=”clear: both; text-align: center;”>
<a href=”” imageanchor=”1″ style=”margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;”><img border=”0″ src=”” /></a></div>

<br />

 4. If it’s less than s1600, multiply the figure by 2. And if its s1600, then I think it’s of average size. You can increase it or leave it as well.

5. After this, you should switch back to the compose mode and your images will have been bigger.

Note: it sound great when you do all this sizing and so, but the best option is to get images that I’ve already gotten the right sizes and it has the rightful license to be used.

 Like I said early, Google images are dangerous to use in the sense that lots of bloggers are attached to one or two images on Google, but on the image sites am about to share below, you can be a rightful owner of some images.

  How do you get those royalty free images?

Google has lately implemented a new system where by all blog servers are been checked to know those that are using rightfully assigned images on their blog.

This new system reduces the rank of such blogs. I think I made a very good illustration from my earlier points in this post.

 So the question now is how can you get the royalty free images?

 During the course of my research on this post, I met a new friend Victor we discussed at length and he shared some sites where I can get royalty free images that already got the license to be used.

So I thought it’s very wise to share these sites with my friends and readers, so that you can stop using Google images and start using creative images on your blog post. Below are the lists of those image sites







The magic with these sites is that once you register with Gettyimages, you can automatically use other sites with the same username and password of gettyimages. Cool right?

  Now Over to you 

Have you been so mindful of the size, quality and creativity of images you use? Are you still using Google images? Whichever ways you get the images on your post, let us know through the comment box. If you also have other sites where one can get royalty free images for post-production, don’t hesitate to share with us.

I believe you’ve added one or two knowledge from this post, please help share this post with your friends on social media. You can always use our social media button to share the post across the social media platform…. Remember to like this post. Thanks

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