The competition is high and the market is boiling, several millions of blogs are created on daily basis and still you are keen on not promoting your blog? Don’t mind me that was the exact statement one of my blogging mentors told me some few years back. Either you like it or not, directly or indirectly, you have to promote your blog or else you subscribers will flew off totally like a loose bird. 

If you really want to go far in blogging industry, then promoting and marketing your blog should be one of the courses to learn in blogosphere. I’m actually proud to be a blogger and I’m not sure about you, therefore now finding it difficult to promote your is a case that will hunt at the long run.

 Promoting your blog makes it popular, get you more traffic and a lot of your readers would be aware of its existence and what the blog is make up of. For you to promote your blog, all it takes is hard work, time management and determination. To be candid, it’s very easy to promote ones blog, but laziness has eaten some blogger’s marrow which makes it very difficult to do so. 

Today, I will be sharing with you a million dollar worth of tips on how to promote your blog. Therefore, fasten your sit belt and let’s roll. 

  Get a High quality contents published

There are differences between contents on blogs and high quality contents. To me, contents are just ordinary article posted on a blog wherein when visitors get to the blog and read, he will just sign! Ok…. this means he/she just got information not a solution.

 However, quality content to me is a type of contents that meet people’s demand, interactive, useful and also ever green. Whereby you can always go back to the blog every now and then to check on the blog again. 

With this high quality contents, a lot of bloggers became famous with the way they write out of passion, as a reader, you were able to feel expressions, signs, as if they are talking with you in the real life. All because they were inspired to write. Therefore, I’ll advice you to learn the art of writing post that visitor will love and also search engines.

  Blog Design

 I guess some people don’t know that the way you look from the inside, is the way you look on the outside. You blog design really matters when promoting your blog. It’s a very good thing to be a web designer, but a very bad thing for you trying to show chase all you design ability on your blog. 

With this your so called design talent now make your blog to look so wacky and jam-packed with odd color mixtures. There is nothing you can compare with simplicity in this world. A very simple and cool color helps in the promotion of one’s blog.

 How come the pro bloggers are using designs that are simple? It’s like you never thought of it? This is simple because using a simple and cool design attracts more visitors and also reduces your blog speed. When there are too much of designs on your blog, it slows the page load down. 

Therefore I’ll advice you to go for a cool color of design, not too conspicuous one. 

  Your attention is needed

Anytime a visitor comments on your blog and it takes you weeks to reply, when you never notify them that you’ll be out of the sphere for some time, and then your credibility is at stake. Try and give you attention to your readers by replying their comments as soon as possible. 

Let me help you with my own style of doing things. I linked my email address with my smartphone, so anytime I have emails from my blog… I reply instantly because I have already linked my mails to the phone. I think this act has really built a very good relationship between I and my readers. 

Therefore, I will advise you should check the method or if you think you have other better option which will make you to respond to your reader’s comment A.s.a.p., and then make use of it because quick response to readers comment help to gain their trust and confidence on your blog.

  Facebook Fan page Very Essential

Facebook is undoubtedly the No 1 social networking company in the world, and a lot of bloggers have taken the very good use of Facebook to promote their blog. Therefore, get a Facebook fan page for you for your blog will definitely give your followers impression that you are an authority in your own field. 

However, you can you your Facebook fan page to build a good relationship with your followers and also to drive turns of traffic to your blog by the posting your blog links on your page timelines. 

  You need to optimize your blog contents

I believe with the level of which blogging have reach, whenever we hear optimize the first thing that come to our head is SEO? This is very correct anyway, because the word “optimize” works hand in hand with search engine.

 For you to optimize you blog posts, you need to have the knowledge of the keywords. We have two types of keywords: the genre and long tailed keyword. A very good example of these two keywords is: Genre keyword- Make money and Long tailed keyword- How to make money blogging. 

You need to tune you blog posts in such a way that it will be search engine optimized, in other to rank very high in the search engine. We have lots of keywords that people search for on the web, which are related to you blog chosen niche. 

Therefore, I’ll advice you to make keyword search before writing post. Note: be meek in your usage of keywords in other not to fall into Google penalty of cloud keyword density.

  Use Social Media Buttons 

It’s very advisable to have the social media buttons at the buttom of every published posts, in other to make sharing of your post to different social bookmarking sites very easy. 
This is the easiest way to promote your blog, because your readers can easily share any of your post that met their needs for other friends to benefit.

  Make Use of your Email Listing

A lot of bloggers have been using this means to promote their blog. Some of them believe this is a very good avenue to market their product, and this is why you need to work on how people will subscribe more to your bog. 

Therefore, in other to make this method work very well, your emails need to be interactive, entertaining, precise and direct. And sending out too many emails in a week can push your readers to unsubscribe from your mailing list. 

So I’ll advise that you should be very calm when you deal with your customers or readers through emails. I believe if you follow these above steps, then you are on the verge of promoting your blog in an audacious way. 

Therefore, endeavor to share this post with your friends, like our page and follow us on twitter… your comment is highly welcome.Thanks
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