Today is 15th of the month, and you still have the grace of 2 more days to partake in this what I call Operator’s competition. Because this is just what am going to call it. Some people don’t seems to believe this, but for those sharps guys around who seems to love fast and cheap package have got their own share from the so- called bonanza MTN is doing.

 Anyway, it was never a surprise when I got the text that “you just need to partake in this offer, before it closes on the 17th”. Though people don’t really know why all this telecommunication companies are trying to showing stunts, but all the same the offer is up for grab all on before the 17th of July.

 Note that activating this Blackberry monthly or weekly subscription is also attached to a benefit which is: you get 20% discount instantly as you subscribe. In other words, it means you can now activate BBC one month plan for just #800

So therefore, if you are so fortunate to have your BIS finished within the next couple of days, then you are good to go for the new offer and count yourself lucky for that. And in case you don’t, I need to remain you that you can browse with it on you system without any interference i.e. just smoothly you go dey browse dey go, no hindrances.

 Well only God knows why all this reduction and slashing, but you don’t have anything to worry about or loose. Though earlier this month, we’ve seen other networks slashing their also down; the likes of Etisalat and Airtel from #1000 and #1500 respectively.

 To activate this plan, send BBC to 21600 and then let’s do the rocking. Enjoy the goody before it get rotten
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