Hello my wonderful readers, just 4 days ago I wrote a post on the update of Google page rank which actually everybody has been waiting for since. It came and majority of blogs were affected (i.e. their page ranks were dropped).

 From what I observed, and from people’s comments and discussions. I noticed that majority of new blogs that was having PR: N/A got a PR: 0, I think that’s a progress. But most blogs that has page rank of 4, 5 & some 6 were a step backward. Few added a count anyway, because I actually saw a blogger that added one more… from PR: 3 to PR: 4. My domain is new, so I actually went for N/A to PR 0. All the way, I make progress.

 However, after I published the article on the update of Google page rank, most bloggers reacted somehow and most especially the new bloggers who were expecting something new and for those bloggers who are not in blogging tips niche, you need to know these things I’m about to share today, because you own a blog too and you need to know how to improve your page rank as well.

One of my readers asked me that if Google page rank update didn’t favor some bloggers, then how they can improve their page rank. I’m sure you all believe this update of a thing is worth discussing. Therefore, drop everything you are doing and let me teach you how you can improve your Google page rank.

  What is Page Rank?

I gave a simple definition of what page rank is and for those who haven’t read my previous post, you can read it: Google Pagerank: updated on 6th Dec, 2013. I believe that one is settled? Now have you ever imagined how do Google calculate their page rank?

  How Do Google calculate her page rank?

According from my researches, page rank is calculated by the various algorithms made by search engines. i.e, in a simple word, page rank is calculated on the number of links on your site; or that have entered your site as at the time the update was done.

Those links are:
 1. Back links.
 2. Internal links.
 3. External links.
 4. No-Follow links.
 5. Do-Follow links.
6. Inbound links

 After these links are calculated on your site, Google and other subordinate will analyze this link and assign a numerical page numbering from 1 to 10 to your website. Therefore, below I will be discussing effective tips to improve your page rank, if the recent update didn’t favor you.

1. High Quality Content:

Like the common saying, content is the king and there is no doubt about that. For you to improve your page rank, you need to cultivate the habit of writing a unique content that your readers I’ll love to share with their friends.

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 I found out that quality content is measure by the amount of solution it can provide via the internal link and external links to other blogs that provide informative and solutions. Did you get that at all? What I mean in essence is that for you to create a high quality content that will rank high in Google search, you need to link in and out to a quality article.

 For instance, I’m discussing about creating a high quality content and I have a friend that has written something related, I can as well link to his post to make you get more light to creating a quality content.

2. Using of Forums:

Lots of bloggers have dropped the idea of using forum, they often believe is a waste of time. Aside that forum give backlinks, you also get a lot of track back in form of traffic to your blogs. I use several forum platforms, and I make sure not to spam the forum because they will kick you out if you dare spam them.

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We have several forms, among which are:

 etc. if you have more forums, you can add it through the comment box.

3. Guest posting

Guest posting has been one of the effective ways of getting getting backlinks and increasing one’s page rank. Lots of prominent blogs now have the option for Guest posting which you just have to meeting up with their requirement and write for them.

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By so doing, you’ll get like 2 to 3 backlinks back to your blog. But you need to be sure to guest post on blogs with high page rank, if you want strong backlinks back to your blog.

 4. Blog commenting

Enough posts have been writing on this issue of commenting, and I think I’m a living example. Most times I wonder how Harleena does her commenting. She gives a lot of points and observations to one’s post. We have lots of blog with commentluv comment box, which has been designed to give backlinks to one’s blog.

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 When you comment reaseonble and in line with a post, you are sure to people returning to check your blog, and if they go and visit the blog automatically you have gotten an external link pointing to your blog. And this which sure aid the increase in your page rank.

5. Social Bookmarking

This is a great method of all time. It is one of the effective way to improve your page rank because when you share your sites to different sites, you tend to get back both backlinks and traffic to your blog.

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Some of the top social bookmarking sites are:

6. Site submission on blog directories

Do you doubt this method? It is a sure and reliable method to use, but most bloggers don’t adopt the method again. For you to get quality backlincks, submitting your blog to web directories and articles directories are just the best method to use.

 Examples of directories to use are:
Ezine Articles
Article Base
 Go Articles

 7. Link Exchange

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Anyway, this is one of the oldest way of getting backlinks which eventually improves one’s page rank. In other for one to get a good page rank, you need sites with high page rank to get linked with your site and through this; you will also be drive quality traffic. This is where using of forums and site submission are effective.

 8. Creating Multiple Pages

I believe if you go back to the beginning part of this article, I made mention on how to calculate page rank. Do you remember I mentioned internal links? Creating of multiple pages has been found to enhances the increase in page rank, as it strengthen your internal links which automatically leads to improving page rank.

Over to You

I believe we’ve dwell so much on how you can improve your page rank? Which among these mention tips have you been using? Fine! If you have any observation or addition, you should use the comment box because your comment is highly welcome.

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