How Do I Make My Blog Popular?

Several years ago when i started blogging, this was also the question always found on my mouth. In 2011, i open my first blog which was gistmode, i said to my self how can i make this blog so popular that every body in the world will know the website, but one thing i realize is that there is much to hard work in blogging than what people thought.

 I want to tell you that the secret of blogging is hard work in all areas, what is your niche? Do you have focus? Are you lazy? If you are, then you can’t be a blogger. Get me right here, am not discouraging you but trying to motivate you to action. For you to become a blogger in deed a successful and a professional one, you need to go extra miles.

 I took my PC has my personal friend, i make researches, i read often, because for you to be able to gain the trust of your readers you need to go ahead of them… Here i have come with 7 wonderful principle you need to follow to get your blog popular.

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These are the 7 Principles to follow:

1. Fill Your Blog Article with Value

 Entertainment and enlightenment  that’s the spirit behind it, for you to get on the track of making your blog popular, your blog contents must be very valuable that your readers will feel fills some gap. You need to know this that the subject matter should already answer some questions or should be able to give the how-to. 

Have got a secret that when you have a post on your blog that is interactive and gives valuable information that the readers want, your post definitely will go viral because others will have to share it, tweets it within and outside their area. For instance, digg has been a very good site on which you find all types of subjects and just imagine your article is been shared there, then you will have more people seeing what you have to offer. 

Another great example that I will give that has a viral sharing like dig is twitter. It has been known for over decades on how effective it is to make a post to sky- rocket. Therefore it’s very essential that you fill your blog with valuables.

 2. Get an Attractive Blog Name 

 Well, this point is also a very good one in that the name you choose for your domain, might either make or break you. An eye-catching blog names has been found out to make a difference in blogging industry. Therefore try and choose a domain name that will make enough people to follow it. 

 3. Add Your Blog To Blog Communities

 If you really want to get to your dream land with blogging, therefore using blog communities should be one of your plans. Blog communities are very popular for blogs. You’ll see that some other know bloggers and few enthusiasts are constantly visiting these communities for online marketing strategies, networking and information. 

Therefore, having your blog on any of these high profiled communities is an added advantage, and getting one which is popular and has a reasonable Google page rank will definitely be a boost.
 Example of such blog communities are: 
 The secret is when you follow any good blog community and you are very active by commenting on people’s post, therefore you are increasing your blog visibility. A lot of people will check your blog and with that you’ll gain more readers and your blog traffic will increase.

 4. Make Sure You Have High Quality Contents

 Some people are used to copying other people’s work which is against Google’s rules. For you to rank high in search engine, you need to have a high quality content that provides solution to people’s problem. 

If you try and copy other people works on your blog, therefore you’ll be violating copyrights rules or committing plagiarism. If you produce quality contents on your blog, people will subscribe to your blog because they’ll be interested to find out what you have for them this week, and your blog will definitely be popular.

 5. Comment on other blogs

 For you to make your blog very popular, commenting on other people’s blog is one of the steps you need to follow. Blogging does not require pride therefore you need to mingle with other bloggers and build good relationship with them by commenting on their blog. Visit different blogs and let people feel and see you by your commenting. Aside this, commenting also increases your blog traffic. 

 6. Make Your Blog your Identity 

Am very sure that we all know about e-mail signature? Google even lately require this email signature for signing up for Google authorship. Therefore write the name of your blog and your url in email signature.

 7. Blog Frequently

 Never get lazy. Lazy bones can never turn out to be a successful blogger, because you need to keep updating your blog regularly. Having a fresh content is the key to your blog’s success. It’s not wise to blog just once a week, even if you are posting 10 articles in that just once, it’s not healthy for your blog.

 So far you have readers, they are always eager to get information from you and they are expecting something very valuable and new on your blog frequently. 

 Though at times we have mood swing in which you don’t feel like blogging, but if blogging is your passion, you’ll definitely schedule those times for other things that will surely benefit your blog.

 Like me now, I have time tables for my blogging activities, I have days for post and publishing and I also have days for researching for post titles and equally days for writing those post titles that I have piled up. Therefore you just have to keep your blog rolling or else you will lose your readers.
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