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Blogging has been in existence and today, you hardly find a person in a family of let say 4 siblings who doesn’t blog. This in essence showed the extent at which blogging has reached. A lot of people has made cool money with blogging, why some were frustrated out of blogging and some still in the rhythm of it.

 Today, I sat with my system and this wonderful post title dropped in my mind. I believe tuning your post title toward keywords is very important, but there should be one or twice in time when you write out of inspiration….lol. Am not talking about spiritual aspect here, but I what I mean is that there are some post title you get as a result of your thought. 

Moreover, I think from my experience in blogging it’s good most time to write outside keywords. Today many bloggers don’t know what blogging is. Some believe blogging is about: 
1 Making money
 2 Reputations
 Fine, both the stated points are attached to blogging but they are not what make blogging what it is. To my own understanding, blogging is actually meant for writers because it’s a platform where you show- case your writing skills with great contents.

 And this is where I’ll stress more about my topic “How do you know if your blog is making a difference”. Till today, some people still believe blogging is all about packing articles on a blog and getting traffic. 

 Some few weeks ago, I was researching on some matters when I stumbled on a material that I guy wrote on his blog. It was a question he asked his readers and he appealed with them to reply him through the comment box. The question was “is my blog making difference”. This guy really wants to know how he has been affecting people’s life, blog and their progress. 

I believe this is how every bloggers should be thinking, not thinking only about our pockets or how to make money. Google wrote a sentence one that, that before you write a post… think about your readers and visitors. 

Before we start, if you have not subscribe to our blog then you are missing a lot. But you can always subscribe here now before we start today’s discussion.

Therefore today, I will be discussing on the topic “How do you know if your blog is making a difference”. Just sit tight and let’s roll together. 

People’s Comments 

This is a very important point of this post, because even within our mind as a blogger we know if our post touches our reader from their comments. I will say this is in two versions, because people will never comment on your post if it doesn’t make a difference to them. Several times we have experience this kind of situation when you post and just like 3 persons comment on it, and probably on another post we have like 70 or there about comments on it.

 It shouldn’t be a surprise because I know one new blogger who complained of having 30 posts without a comment. We need to give our best when writing our post. We should research in details before publishing our post, and writing posts that are interactive is also an added advantage. Try to teach from your post, not just passing information across.

How Much Subscribers do you have?

A lot of factors contribute to this point, because for someone to have 20,000 subscribers is not a joke, and for those who is still having 10… you can get there. Having a huge number of subscribers show how difference your blog has make in your readers life. Either they came to your blog and they were able to get solutions, love your first approach, your blog design, and of all.. the high quality content you produce on the blog may be the reason why they subscribed. 

Though some subscribed because of free giveaways. That is the more reason why bloggers should imbibed the idea of giveaways. To be candid, the number of your subscribers is the product of how much difference your blog has made. 

Busy Contact us page/domain emails 

I believe lindaikeji, problogger and some renowned bloggers can testify, and are very good example of this point. Most pro bloggers who has in their night burned several sticks of candle and those who know the rudiments of success in blogging deals with contact us page more than comment box. Just ask me why? 

The reason been that big companies uses the contact us page to get to them for advertisement or any sort of business transaction, therefore they get many contacts from big companies. I think the same case is applicable to having a domain email, because you keep getting offers.

 My advice for those coming behind is that you can always get there, all you need is patience and know the behind the scene of blogging as I use to call it. If you don’t know that we have behind the scenes to blogging, then as me through the comment box and I’ll tell you.

Followers on social Medias:

Let me tell you this secret, people don’t follow you because of your fine face… they only follow you because of your fine and high quality service your render, probably through your contents or your activities from your blog. How people respond to you on social as a blogger is a very good method to measure how much difference your blog has made.

 Liveofofo and nairaland are very good example of this, because you find them everywhere on social networking. Therefore try and be active, post quality contents and share it on social Medias like Facebook , twitter and the rest. 

I believe with these structured points, you will agree with me that the difference your blog is making or has made is a product of what I’ve just discussed. Please if you have any addition and observation, the comment box is very free for you to use.
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