Are you just hearing about linkedin for the first time, or you’ve signed up once and since there has been one thing or the other that is taking you off the ground. And if you are fortunate to have signed up, this has mad you to be one of the over 200 million members of the largest business site in the world. I have discovered and often people have been emailing me on how they could get connected on linkedin.

Obviously, the very first thing you would want to do is choosing the people that you believe you should be engaging with. In other words, this would be your prospective clients, your possible future employers, professionals from your own industry or trade, strategic local and international partners for business, and much more. 

Once you have made up your mind on those who you specifically consider worth attracting, your next task is to make a steadfast plan that ensures you will not be wasting your precious time and efforts while you are engaged on LinkedIn.

Now have made some researches and i have found out why and how you can get connected on linkedin, there are few things you need to do. And these are the things you need to put together.

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  1.Getting an attractive Snippet:
First impression, they said it last very longer. I noticed many people had turned their attention away from linkedIn and with the few that are there; man you’ve got to make a lasting impression. People hardly get the time to impress on linkedIn and I still don’t know, for that reason you need to make a very catchy profile for those that will be talking their time to check it, because this is what will determine maybe they will check back again. 

Also check your stated professional headline because this is very important. Do you know that in a matter of 5 seconds, people will make up their minds about you; on either they should visit again or look somewhere else. You have the option to get your image there and to use the 120 character box to inform your reader about you. I think this is your job and you don’t have to be told.

 As we all know that linkedIn is a professional website, therefore you need to make use of an image and a professional headlines to convince your readers that as a professional, you are serious with your business. You need to guide people who come to your profile and who are willing to establish a connection with you, your business, contact you and also read your interest and activities. 

If only you could try and spend your next 5 minutes to create the right message your visitors want to see and also to pour a lot of information on that 120 permissible character box, then the reward fetch by your efforts will flabbergasts you.

  2. Insert the right keywords 

You not only insert the right key words, but also the ones that will impress anyone who will read your profile. Are you surprise that I mention keywords here? I believe everything in world has a keyword.

 Therefore, before you pick your pen and write a summary about your career, work and you company as a whole, I think it’s best for you to use the right keywords that are both relevant and effective in creative a positive impression because I believe this is very important. Insert these in the title fields for your job, project headings, expertise and skills list, as well as in the text that is produced by you. However, you also need to hit the nail by the head i.e. be precise in your introduction.

  3. You need to be more visual:

It is well known that linkedin is a more visual platform, where videos, images and presentation are often tolled with. My advices to you is for you to get more visual, i.e dealing more with infographics even if it’s not working on your profile or producing a company page. 

I believe you never miss your step if you choose to follow this advice. Therefore it’s best to supplement the text and build up your linked in reputation, uploading images and using info graphics for presentation. 

  4. Update your profile frequently:

I believe this is applicable to everybody that hopes to build credibility in his/her career. However, even if your profile is outstanding and your company page is awesome, you might just fail in getting the right and adequate people using linkedin.

 The best thing you should do is to post interesting updates that’ll attract your targeted audience. Well as a blogger, I can say I get a bit of my traffic from linked in, because I connected my blog to my profile on linkedIn where I simply post links from my homepage. 

Conclusively, I believe with this above four points on linked strategies will be of great help as they have actually helped me to get connected on linkedIn.
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