How do you think you’ll feel  when a friend just gives a call and tell you that Johnson, guess what? I typed something on blog management and the first search it brought was yours. Very sure someone will feel very proud and happy. That is exactly the goal of all internet marketers i.e. the bloggers in general. We all want our blog tipped at the top of the search engines.

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Guess I don’t need to tell you that your business will never thrive, likewise you blog will never be seen if you unfortunately fell on the second page of the Google search. So therefore the race is survival of the fittest, so the questions you need to start asking now is how can I take charge of the first page of the Google search? It’s not only you taking charge, also how can you sustain the fight. I mean not “Fighting”, how can you stay there permanently.

You think it’s not possible? It’s very possible if you find yourself reading this blog and you apply everything you learn there, surely you will get there. Therefore, I have taking so much time to search, think, evaluate on how you can stay at the top of Google search engine and stay there permanently. The following are what you need to do.

  Getting to page one, what does it take?

Patience, persistence and Practices on SEO will eventually take you there, I mean page one of the Google search engine. Nevertheless, there is other things you need to put into consideration, and which is setting or let me say matching your keywords with those specific target audience of yours.

 Like myself for example, my blog is about rudiments of success in blogging, for you to be successful as a blogger, you have to follow rules, proven principles, others footsteps. And that is why I actually came about the blog’s name yourblogcoach.

 That was actually by the way. Matching your keywords with your targeted audience will make your blog will make it readily available for search under your keywords. Ensure you constantly post relevant articles to your blog for people to read. Give solutions to problems, you’ll definitely encourage search engines to regularly come to your site and present your posts to readers.

  Hmm! Meta Title and the importance:

That’s just it. Fixing your title on top of your browsers, gives people that are reading or searching for materials related to your blog to clearly see what you blog is all about. And don’t be scare also if I tell you that search engines are also interested in your blog like visitors.

They come to look at the new article you posted if its unique and see if they can distinguish if its entertainment article or tech, and also auto search if there are articles like that and shelf it for you. That’s exactly why you need to write to unique articles so as not to have rivals. Therefore, your meta title needs to be in line with your blog contents.

  Meta description:

Meta title, Meta description? I think someone is kind of confused here? Meta title talks about the title of your blog/post why Meta description is talking about… what’s that your blog about. The niche. You definitely need a Meta description for your blog, as this is what is going to show up first when your site comes first in the Google search results.

 It’s therefore of paramount use to give a full description of your blog so that your readers will know what your blog is all about. If it’s a blog site, let it be known because we only have a limited space on the description box. So make your words as concise as anything.

What to Do When You get the First Slot of Google search result?

That was the first question a friend who is not a blogger asked me when we were discussing, he said will I just be happy that I have gotten to number one, or what should I do? I just smiled and told him, you keep on fighting. He said how? If by the way you got to the top of the search result by white hat like a fellow blogger said, then your chance of coming down is slim.

But nevertheless, you still need to continue providing high quality and solution embedded content for Search engine to savor, in other to make the top shot your permanent home address. #smile#. Let ranking rings in your head and think of others like Google said. You need to know that there are other bloggers that are working very hard, so you need to persist. .
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