Hello Friends, how are you today? Guess you are all fine? Still on the issue of social networking. If we look very vividly in this our time, we will know we cannot do without social networking. For instance, when we talk about Facebook then you all know that Twitter will definitely be the next in line to come to our various minds. And this is just about twitter we want to talk about today. 

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Are you on twitter? Well, probably not everybody because people don’t really know how interesting twitter platform is, I never did anyway until I joined few year ago and since then I hardly not visit the place in a day, because one thing I noticed about tweeting is that it almost carries more information on it that most other social network and maybe not more than Facebook. 

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What really prompted this article was that; Have you ever asked yourself how most Nigerians celebrities or celebrities in general gets their twitter followers? There was this case I saw… when someone’s twitter account carried 2500 tweets, and she was having 247 860 followers. Can you just imagine that? Well the secret is that most of this people buy followers online; I know it sounds strange right? Lol.

Just pay attention you’ll get what I’m saying now. They pay to get followers to some sites, but are you interested in increasing your twitter followers without paying a dime? Yes, right? That is exactly what this post is about. “How to increase your twitter followers for free”. I believe you now understand what I ‘have been trying to get across now? Below is The site where you can get up to 10000 followers.



This is a site that will help you to increase your twitter followers quickly, simply and easily. Apart from the free twitter followers you get on their page.

  How To Get Started?

1. Log in to your twitter account

2. Then you open a new tab and visit

3. Click on “Start New”You will then be redirected to sign in using your twitter account, click on Sign In”

4. Immediately, you’ve been sign up successfully, It will bring up a dialogue box with “Get Real followers”.

5. Click on ok, and the dialogue box disappear.

6. Now you are ready to follow.

Follow has many as you want,

Enter your email address:

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  1. sorry that am commenting this late.great. thanks for this helpful info. indeed, knowing what others don't know gives you an edge over others. but i will like to know if we have to visit every day and be following 20 people or how does it really work?

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