Today, I was chatting with one of my students and he told me about how he makes his money online, but he now mentioned that the post he wrote on how to make money online has not yet been indexed by Google. I was surprised when he said that because he wrote the blog post 27th of August, so I was wondering what went wrong. 

Content is only a king when people find it both on Google search or social media platforms. It’s kind of frustrating if you noticed that your blog posts haven’t been index by Google, which means you will be missing some great traffic, search engine ranking etc. I believe this is a common challenge new bloggers encounter.

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I remember I had such a challenge too when I started off as a newbie. A friend of mine thought me this trick i’m about to share with you, on how to get your blog posts index within 5 minutes, so therefore you have to pay attention to get every step i’ll be giving. 

This tip is very good for those that published a post that’ll be expiring in the next few days. For example, a popular blog brought a contest that’ll just last for 2 days and you need to get it across to people within the limited days. we all know that after those 2 days, the information about the contest is no more useful as it would have been out dated.

So for you to get the post index in a twinkle of an eye, you have to take some freaky steps. *wink*! It’s not a crooked tips anyway, but a faster way. Therefore, if you have such blog that experiences late indexing by Google, then the tips I’m about to share with you suit your case.

The funny aspect of it is that, all the tips to make Google index your post very fast will be done right on Google webmaster dashboard. And if you’ve not signed up on Google webmaster, then you can do that below.

You can as well learn how to submit your sitemap to Google in the link below

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But for those who are already there, let continue with our tutorial. Now, the Fetch as Google option on your Google webmaster tool will be use. Do you know why? Because it will makes Google bots to quickly craw your new post and get it indexed.

NOTE: Lately, Google has place a limiting factor on this tips in that you have the number of times you can use the features in a month. Each webmaster is limited to around 450-500 fetches per month, I thinks this is a great limitation right? 

Now fasten your belt and let’s get down to business.

1. Now login to your webmaster tool, and go to your site. Like a said earlier, if you haven’t register your blog on webmaster, you can follow the link given above to do so.

2. After you’ve signed in, go to “Fetch as Google” which is located under the “crawl arrow” 


3. Then a small URL box will appear, carrying your blog address. Then enter your blog or post URL in the input box and click on FETCH



You need to wait for some few second until Google bring the fetch status, and if successful, click the submit button to index the link post.



Note: if you check the input box very well, you’ll notice that your blog URL has already been written to half, therefore your own duty is just to the post’s URL from where the blog address ends on the webmaster tool.

Now after you might have followed the above steps wait for few minutes and proceed to Google search and check the indexed post by inputting “Site:submitted URL” into the search field.

When you do this, it now depends on how busy the Google bot is to make your blog appear in the search engine.

I believe you’ve actually learn one or two things in this post today? Therefore, it will be so wonderful if you share this post with your friends on Facebook, twitter, your blog communities, pinterest, dig etc.

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