Have you ever experience something like this? I mean having this kind of questions on your lips, once or twice in your blogging carrier?” How can I improve my blog traffic, or what am I not doing right to get good traffic? Honestly, this is a normal song for most bloggers especially beginners, guess are you with me? I’ve been in this kind of dilemma before, that I almost abandon my blog because it was so frustrating… imagining someone having 20 blog posts and you’ve not started cracking 1000 unique page views per month.

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 But when I made researches and seek the advice of other bloggers, I was given some tips that really worked and booted my page views to something like 10,000 page views per day, interesting right? This was how I felt that very morning when I woke up from my bed and I logged in to my dashboard and I met 10,089, I screamed as if it was something else. So, I just thought its of paramount importance to share with you people the tips I used that worked for me when i started blogging as a novice.

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 Many new bloggers have sent so many emails to my box and asking me, that do I know any magic or strategies for them to use so they could get a reasonable traffic, all I did was to laugh because all it takes about blogging is patient which most bloggers don’t have… you can’t create a blog today and you want to hit 5000 page views in a day, never.

You need to be patient and you must follow some commandments of blogosphere, which I obeyed and really worked for me… so the tips am about to share with you is what I personally have called the 7 commandments of blog traffic, when you follow this tips/commandment , it is gonna be a wow! Aftermath .Below are the tips:

1. Commenting:

Blog commenting has since been a very good method of getting traffic to one’s blog. Not only getting traffic, it does more than just traffic because it has been researched that blog commenting goes a long way in what we called back- linking. 

Everybody wants a high page rank blog, but never knew the rudiments for it. When take time to comment on other people’s blog, they’ll repay you by visiting your blog and eventually increase your page rank.

 Another thing about commenting about people’s blog is that it builds relationship between readers and blog owners. Several times that I have visited some sites and I noticed some readers are just so constant, and the way they rapport with blog owners shows the level of intimacy.

 Also concerning to the way some people do comment, some people can be annoying by the way they comment. Commenting should be acknowledgement, sharing your views and probably adding to the particular topic if you have a versed knowledge there, for other people to learn.

  2. Social Media : 

Social media nowadays has been a great source of medium for traffic. there are a lot of forums, platforms in which you can join to promote yourself and your blog. Never you think that you’ve nothing to offer, you have so many things that the next 1000 persons are not having. 

i bet you, everyday people are waiting for you to post, and this is where you find faithful readers on your blog. Social Site like Facebook ,Twitter,Pinterest, linkedin many more.

 3.Set up a Facebook Fan Page :

 Mandatory, this is one of the major ways to get attention of readers or probably your friends on facebook about your blog. Like the page i have for my first website. If you are good at promoting stuffs, then facebook page is a very good platform to get traffic.

4.Your Blog Content:

I often tell some people that your content speaks for you in Google’s court of law, and probably search engine. There was a time I applied for AdSense on my first blog, I got reject by AdSense anyway, but I learnt something. In the message sent to my box, I was made to know that your blog contents are not for you, they are for your readers.

 How many bloggers are thinking in this direction today? Guess few, because everybody wants to make money so you just write and go. There are differences between readers and visitors, I guess you know that? Your blog contents are what make visitors; readers on your blog. Though both parties come around to check out the stuffs you are made of, but the quality of what you have and the solution in which you can provide makes a visitor, a reader.

 Readers are the people that subscribe due to the fact that you got solutions to their problems, and they believe in you while visitors are those that came, check and couldn’t get what they want. Therefore, endeavor to write your contents with easy, a good and comprehend able vocabulary. Nobody needs your vocabs; all we need is for you to meet people’s need in
every way.

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5. Sign up For Twitter Account:

I noticed nowadays that people only follow you on twitter when they realize you are a celebrity, or probably the number of followers you have. You don’t have to bother yourself about that, because your great content is still in play. There is one thing we called connection linking. 

Guess I gave that name myself, but am going to explain that. What I mean by connection linking is that when you open a twitter account, you should try and tweet all your post for the day, there are some sites that has feeds that post automatically for some blogs. In case you are posting yourself or anyhow, just make sure you tweet your post for the day.

 When people read your tweets with the link back to your blog and eventually they read your great stuffs there, they’ll automatically tweet it on there on account , when others from their end sees it, it tweeted again, and that is how it keeps going which is what I mean by connection linking. Your blog gets enough traffic from this kind of process, which is while twitter is another source of getting traffic, likewise Facebook.

  6. Adding Images To Your Posts:

 Another good source of traffic is adding images to your blog post, what does this images do right? It has been confirmed and researched that Blogs with Good rank for keyword in image search often get a lots of traffic, and mostly maybe could as well customize your images like this below.


7. Answering Questions on Web:

There are lots of ways you can drive traffic the net, and which answering questions on net is also among. There are some popular sites online like yahoo and Quora that are often need answers to Queries asked by different people on web, and link to your websites are always included. 

I know many people are not aware of this, but this exactly while learning is important and which is what you are doing from reading this blog post today. If your answer is well accepted, then you definitely have lots of traffic back to you blog and good page rank awaits you.

I’ll like you to comment and share this post to some other people who you also think will benefit from this article as you have right now. There is a word that says “There is love in sharing”, so I wouldn’t want it to be that you’ll only benefit from this, why others wished to. So please share, like, tweet, and make this post go viral. Thanks.

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