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Alexa ranks on blogs can be used as a means of attracting advertisers and sponsors to a blog. When your alexa rank is high, it speaks a lot more about your blog. For those who thought alexa rank has anything to do with search engine ranking, that’s not true. Most of our bloggers now days are more concerned about their ranking with alexa, because everybody wants to increase their alexa ranking. 

So how can I increase my alexa rank? 

This is a question which we’re going to find justice to as we proceed. It was also confirmed that even some bloggers with high page rank on Google and with the number of visitors they have, still find it very difficult to get their way round the rudiments about increasing their alexa rank. 

Without much ado, Alexa from my own perspective is regarded as a web information industry/company, in that they help rank websites and lots of blogs based on their generated traffic, be it daily, monthly or annually. So also they observe other factors which probably only they could say. 

Alexa has been in existence for so many years now and they are so far the best ranking company online, among so many industries that ranks. Looking at them from a very good angle of viewing, alexa is very important because most advertisers use her calculative figures to measure websites popularity and traffic, and most time it’s unimportant because alexa is not always right in some cases. However, it’s still very good to have a good alexa rank, as we all know the benefit aspect of it on the aspect of promoting our goods and services. Here are some discovered techniques in which you can increase your blog alexa rank. 

  Submit your blog to Alexa

It’s very good to submit you blog to alexa rank, since it makes it very easy for them to access and regulate you blog or website in a better way.

  Update your blog frequently

I think even without the issue of alexa ranking, search engine even loves you to frequently update your blog. So also its alexa, they love seeing fresh and high quality contents on your blog every time. And major 5-8times a week isn’t a bad time to update your blog, as it also enhances your chance of gaining more traffic. Install Alexa Toolbar
Alexa gives more plights to visit that come to a blog that has uses browsers that has their toolbar installed. 

Actually I saw this and I’ve heard it over and over again, so this is not just something that I framed up myself. When you install the alexa toolbar on your browser, make sure you enter your blog through the browser and after few days go back and check your alexa rank and you’ll be surprised that it would have increased. 

Also tell friends and family, with your visitors to install alexa toolbar on their browsers and set your blog on their homepage. Well this doesn’t look realistic, but it has a part it takes in the increase of your alexa rank. Therefore you too can Download Alexa Toolbar here.

  Use alexa Widget on your blog

You hardly see a blogger who doesn’t use this alexa widget, because everybody wants to market and show how their blog is doing in blogging industry. And this is where advertisers see how your traffic and reputation are increasing. Putting this alexa widget on your blog helps to increase you blog ranking.

  Link Building 

If you cultivate the habit of building links back to your blog, then your blog alexa rank will definitely shoot up. And this can be attained by blog commenting and guest blogging. Try as much as possible to comment on higher blog which in turn will give you back backlinks and also make it an habit to guest post.

  Post High Quality Content 

This has actually been for a long time, and high quality contents are ruling. Posting quality contents on your blog will really go a long way in promoting your blog’s reputation. It will definitely turn your blog visitors to readers, you know what I mean now?*wink* and thus increases you blog page view, because more people will be referred to your blog. Not only alexa does appreciate quality content, search engines also love it. 

Write about Alexa on your Blog

I believe everybody wants visibility, even those established blogs and websites. When you write about then and you link back to, then this will definitely increase your blog rank also in response to theirs. 

Ask for Visitors to review your blog on Alexa

People only act when they are told most times. Ask for review about your blog on alexa. Make sure you are not shy to ask for review form people that visit your blogs, in that this will lead to an increase in your blog alexa ranking. 

write a review of our blog on alexa

 Conclusively, I believe with the listed point above, increasing your blog alexa rank shouldn’t be a thing of concern again. Please if you have an additional points, observation that you think others should benefit from, kindly use our comment box to do such a thing. Thanks. 
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