Honestly, still letting you guys know that we’ve not diverted away from the soul of creating this blog. Many youths are out there unemployed and this has been a core issue for virtually everybody, unless you parent owns a big company after you’ve graduated. That’s just by the way. 

During the course of my search for success and making money tips, i stumbled on a website and when i made all necessary inquiries on them i now saw this could be a best avenue for some youths again to make money online.

 Now, which website am i really taking about? No other website than This is actually a template based website builder which allows you to create a 5 page websites in less that 5 minutes. 

One good thing about them is that they have a low cost templates that you can styled to your own taste, and it also have an unlimited Admin Editing, meaning you won’t be limited in anyway on how many times you want to change the facial look of your Homepage or even the websites.

 Note, that its very easy to use and you don’t have to be a “Web designer” or Web person if i may put it like that. Now what did you stand to gain from this site? Many thing in shadow. The first of all is that one every person you refer to the site i.e’s Affiliate Program, you’ll make 12.5% which is equivalent to over N4000 of every website template that is sold to the referred customer. Hmm! guess that’s is interesting right? I bet you, it’s very easy.

 Do you know that the most interesting aspect of afflilates program that people don’t really know is that they always have their own unique coupon that they offer their customers, whether online or face to face, all you have to do is just give a trial and sign up.

 When you use the coupon on your site as a customer, he/she receives a 10% DISCOUNT o their website and the Affiliate receives a 12.5% commission for the sale. Now for every template that cost like N35,000, you’ll receive N4,375 just for letting people to know about them. Note again that the higher the template, the more money you get. So how do i get started?

1. Visit to register so you can get an affiliate account
 2. Fill  the form and select “I Want To Make Extra Cash (Affiliate)”
 3. Verify your account from your email address
 4. Log in and generate your unique coupon.

NOTE: Don’t forget to share your coupon on all social networks in case we  see those who are interested in making extra money or want to make a websites.
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  1. This site i have used it . The site is fake most of these sites claims that they will make you earn money . They take your service and do not pay you anything in return.


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