It’s no secret again that the way at which people exploits the web with the use of smartphones is so high. Around 2011, the blogger team decided that it’s high time they introduced a new mobile template. It was as if they’ve seen a new revolution of surfing the web with mobile phones.


 It is not just about installing the launched mobile template, but ability to show your Ads units on the mobile view which invariably will generate a lot of conversion for you, since lots of people are using smartphones.

Lately lots of people have been asking me how I did my mobile view that my ads were showing. So I decided to make it a call, since many people have been asking, and I’ve decided to write a post on it.

This method of AdSense showing on the mobile is actually in two phases, I will discuss one now and share the second in the next post. Therefore make yourself available by subscribing to my daily updates so that you can get the next update

The two methods are thus listed below:

  1. How to display Google AdSense on blogger mobile view (Google AdSense account)

 2. How to make AdSense ads display on blogger mobile side bars.

Don’t be scared, the two methods are almost the same, but just a little modification. This difference is what I researched on over the week and later got to the conclusion.

Now sit tight and let dive into tutorial right away.

To get started, you must first optimize your blog for mobile view. I have two posts already on that; you can check them if you’re yet to optimize your blog for mobile view.

How to optimize your blog for mobile view

How to make your blogger blogs compatible with mobile phones

Now that you’ve optimized your blog and make it compatible with blogger mobile view, then you can proceed with these steps.

 1. Click on “Template” from the left side of your blogger dashboard, and then click on the settings button below the mobile template as shown in the diagram below.


2. Then you click “yes” and save the settings. After saving, the mobile ads will start showing on your blog mobile view.

 But Note: these two setting will only work on 2 conditions,

1. If you have added, at least one or more ad units using the AdSense gadget.

2. Then two, you must have configured your template to display AdSense inside the posts.

 If you can meet up with these two conditions, then you should be expecting to see AdSense ads displaying on your mobile version of your blog.

I believe this post will definitely go a long to help those who want to display their AdSense ads on their blogger mobile view. If you have any question or observation concerning this post/ method, kindly do that in the comment section.

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