Good morning folks, how are you doing? Some few weeks ago, lots of Nigerians Suffered deactivation of their lines whereby they were been asked to go to the nearby MTN office to re-registered.

 I bet you, with the info I got from the people that went; it was hell as the queue was so massive and lots of people have to leave their jobs, shops for many days. Virtually everyone was able to register and everything went well. Imagine, after the stress people went through some couple of weeks ago, just this yesterday MTN starts blocking lines again and keep sending the same message they got after which they have re-registered their lines. 

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A lot of people are frustrated and they couldn’t go to MTN office to re-register. If you para venture fall into those that got their lines deactivated again, then good news for you, because I’m about to share how you can reactivate your deactivated MTN line with your BVN Number.


 1. After You’ve received deactivation message from MTN 

2. Just send “YES” to 799 

3. MT will send a message to you that they are processing it

 4. Waiting for 2 hours 

5. A message will be send to you that your MTN line has been reactivated with your BVN Number. 

 I believed you have learn one or two things from this post, For the benefit of other people who have been affected by the deactivation of line, endeavor to share this post with your friends and family on social media… Thanks

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