Hello pals, I’ve got  a great news for you today. Beside “LinkedIn” been an awesome tool for professional networking, LinkedIn has been a source of powerful job hunting. Testimonies came across the globe, to show the efficacy of LinkedIn, and to confirm those who had gotten their dream job from there. LinkedIn has its own job search engine which majorly most people don’t know, and its also supplemented by the simple hired engine as well.

Above is the diagram showing the Linkedin job search box and moreso how to use the simply-hired interface.Starting from the homepage of the LinkedIn profile, please click the link “Jobs” as shown in the diagram. As we move on, we will also cover some other methods on how to use LinkedIn to prepare for interview.

Here we are starting at the beginning and looking at the LinkedIn “Jobs” section from homepage of you LinkedIn profile. In case you down have an account, you can signup here. from where we stopped, click the “Jobs”as you’ve seen above.

Immediately you  get to Jobs homepage, you will be offered 2 options: i believe you are with me?
1. Simple Job Search– searching the LinkedIn job repository for jobs matching the keywords and the location you enter.
2. Advance Job Search-  Here you use the advance criteria to search through the simply Hired database. Now, i think you are good to go on how to search for jobs on LinkedIn? so lets go!

On the simple Job search, you’ll see two fields again
1. Keywords- Here it is the description of the job you are seeking.
2. Postal Code- apparently in this area,you will enter the postal code you live in or wish to work near.

 And once you’ve entered the information required in the fields, press “SEARCH”. Immediately, a screen titled “Job search Results” will be shown and on this screen you will see the  list of matched results based on what you input. click on any of the job desired and you will see individual job listed on it’s own screen.

 On the right side of the search screen, you will see options to refine your search. Take a look at the diagram below, so you could get what we have been saying.

If a job interests you click “Apply Now” on the top right of the listing. This process takes a little time, so be patient, and make sure to enter ALL information on the screen to follow.
Now that you have clicked the “Apply Now” button you will see the application screen. Follow the on screen instructions,and you will be applied in no time at all!

Next we look at the Advanced Search screen. The LinkedIn advanced job search is powered by SimplyHired. This is a third party service that lists millions of jobs from all around the globe. Your advanced job search also returns LinkedIn jobs as well.

In order to view the SImplyHired jobs, simply press “The Web” when you are shown the search results. In this case, we get the advantage of searching from within LinkedIn! No need to leave and go to their site, do it right from here! Let’s take a look at the interface shown below.

Fill out all information as requested. You know better than anyone what type of job you are seeking. I recommend making sure that you choose your specific location so you save time in terms of sifting through results. 

Immediately you perform the search, you will be taken to to the result screen as shown to you from the simple search diagram. However, from the screen you may decided to click any job of your choice and proceed from there. In the next article we will talk about some other things you need to know about  LinkedIn.

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