I’m sure a lot of people will be very happy with this discovery. We’ve actually been waiting for a long time when Etisalat blackberry subscription plan will work on the PC, now it’s available. Airtel has been the one ruling the web with her ability to browse with bb subscription on the Pc and I’m sure now that Etisalat has taken the challenge, and then they need to move a step further.

There was actually a time when rumor of Etisalat working on the PC came, I tested it and I actually ran into a loss. But this time around, I’m bringing you a tweak that has already been tested and infact people are seriously using it because it pays more than Airtel now.

 It’s a N1000 that offers 3G data plan. So what are you waiting for? The reason why you need to start using this Etisalat Bis on Pc is that, rumor has been circulating that Airtel are now planning to block their bis on devices that are not blackberry, guess that will be bad.

The good news about this Etisalat bis is that it also works on Android smartphones, and it’s working perfectly well. Therefore, take your time to follow the listed steps on how you can use Etisalat bis on your PC effectively.

How to Set Etisalat BIS to Work on Your PC

1. First get your Etisalat recharge card of N1000

2. Subscribe to the monthly blackberry complete plan by dialing *449*3# or for the weekly complete plan by dialing *499*3*1#

3. After you have dialed it, N1000 will be deducted from your account.

4. Once the one month blackberry complete plan has been successful, then again subscribe for blackberry 10 daily plan by dialing *559*3*2#

5. N100 will be deducted from your account, and 15MB will be given.

 6. Then you will set the Apn of your modem to “”. Note: don’t put the quote.

7. Save and then exit. Now you are good to go, connect and surf the net.

Note: the essence of the bb 10 daily is to pave way through the bb complete plan so that you’ll be able to browse with it on devices that aren’t blackberry. This tweak is tested and confirmed.

Over to You

Have you been seeking for this tweak for long? Have you heard about it and you couldn’t get your hand on the processes? Have you seen one but not as explanatory as this.

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