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I always believe that the amount and the trust our readers have for each blog that makes people to come over and over to read on our blogs. Therefore, it’s a very good thing that we should be mindful of our blog readers whenever we write our blog posts. People love it when they are given information that can actually solve their challenges. 

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I think it’s time you all know that people want solution to their challenges, that’s why bloggers with solution blogs will always have traffic and more subscribers. For instance, when you chose your blogging niche on making money, there readers expected you to share tips, tricks and strategies o how to make money either online or offline and anything outside that would definitely piss your readers off. 

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Therefore, as a blogger who really want to catch the attention of his/her readers, and learn how to write a blog post that your readers will definitely love. There are some tips that can help you to write a wonderful blog post. Therefore, today I will be discussing some tips that really help me with my blog post writing and which I also believe you could benefit from. These are:

 Write with passion 

People like writers that are truthful, and write from their heart. On a more serious note, when you see a blog post that was written with passion you’ll definite know. When you check Harleena’s blog, then you will know when a blogger write with passion. 

Write Less

I think most people get tired when they get in contact with a blog that has plenty of contents. Readers believe you need to go straight to the point after you’ve introduce the post. 
Therefore, write less post and give the maximum information with less content. I think 250-400 words are okay for a good post. 

Place your Keywords in the Right place 

Think about those keywords people would use to search your post and put them I your post body. I.e. both the text and the head section of your content. Be sure that those keyword placements are natural.

Make your intention known

People love blog owners that are more plain and open when it comes to the use of words. They want to know what you think, and the first few lines of your blog post really counts.

Have a style

Do you know people like to know what to expect? Once you have a style you use, your audience sticks to it.

Use Bullet point Lists 

Readers love lists that are structured with stylized and easily digestible format.

Link your contents

Support your post with you related posts that are contextual to your post, and possible links to other web pages if necessary.

Edit your post before publish

Well write up is majorly in the editing. It’s an advice that before you hit then submit button, re-read and recheck your post and cut away the stuff that you don’t need. 

I believed that you enjoyed my tips for writing a blog post that your reader will love? Fell free to share your own way of writing a blog post via our comment box. 

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