Search Engine optimization has been the words of the time in recent time, and to me SEO is what I called the behind the scene in blogging. Though it may look a bit confusing and complicated to the new bloggers who are just taking career in blogging. I believe this is what I really called blogging, because search engine optimization is actually what will bring forth your quality contents to lime light, and what will actually make it reckon with time. 

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 Therefore, for you to write a SEO friendly post, it’s not only for it to get to top of the search engine only, but to be able to stand the test of time as an evergreen content. People actually mix up this issue of SEO friendly content will ranking high in Google’s search engine query, but I see it as writing article of the time. However, for you to write a SEO friendly post, you need some rudiments. 

Guess you are wondering that which rudiments is this again? Yeah! I actually called them rudiments, because they are the strategies you need to write SEO friendly posts and start rocking the search engines. And I believe you are set for the journey we are about to embark.

 Now what are the important rudiments you need to write a SEO friendly post? 

  Keyword Research 

 It has become a must for you to research you topic before you write them. Competition in blogosphere now is not smiling, and for you to get to your dream land you need to make your contents optimize. 

The first thing you need to research is that which keyword is really going viral on the web i.e. that most people search for in your niche. Well, for you not to be racking your brain on how to get a keyword for your post, then Keyword research tool is the tool to use. 


 In the above screenshot, I chose make money as my keyword and the best one among the options to pick is the one with high monthly ranking, and low competition. With this your post will be able to rank high in search engine query. So in case you write a post on make money tips, there “how to make money blogging” is the write one to pick because it has high monthly traffic and low competition.

  Set Your Meta Description to suit Your Keyword

It is of paramount importance to use your targeted keywords in your site Meta description. Nevertheless, blogger has given the chance to manually input the description for individual posts and also for your blog. 

Therefore, there is a point in your template where you input the Meta description for your blog. These actually describe what your blog is composed of and the functionality of your blog. When you input the Meta description, it prevents your blog from repeating your keywords several times.

  Your Post Count 

 Word count is also one of the important points to dwell on in writing a SEO friendly post. Considering the Google penguin update, you must always maintain your blog post count to the tune of 300-500 before you can publish it.

 But I’ll tell you that blogs with more post counts are always having upper hand than blogs with fewer post counts in search engines. Therefore, if your existing posts are having less words count as required, then it’s advisable you remove them and rewrite. 

  Keyword Density 

 A lot of bloggers have been into trouble with Google algorithm concerning the issue of keyword density. You need to be mindful of how many times those keywords will appear in your posts to avoid Google’s wrath. 

Many newbies have been dealt with because they repeated their keyword so many times in their post, therefore, just keep search engines in mind whenever you are write a post and make sure you reduce the number of time to reflex your keywords. For instant, if make money is your keyword and you have a sentence like this.

  For you to make money you have to be fast and because making money this day is not for lazy people. I wrote once on make money strategy, but today I’m giving you tips on make money tips for the new bloggers.

 You can see that in the span of just a sentence, the keyword appears more than 3 times. This is very bad because it might bring on the wrath of Google upon your site. 

However, what is the correct number of time to use keyword on a post? From experience and researches, you must always keep your targeted keyword density to 2-3% of the word count of your complete blog post. And suppose you have a post of like 600 words, therefore your keyword should not appear more than 12-18 times to keep your keyword ranking very smart. 

  Keyword Usage in your Head Tags

I personally love this point because it’s one of my behind the scenes to success in blogging. I will tell you that many new bloggers don’t know about this, but you are fortunate to be reading this post.

 Using heading tags like h1,h2, h3, h4 in writing a SEO friendly blog post is the best, and using it orderly can really help search bots to crawl you blog without any difficulty and the objective of your post will be so clear to it. Keyword usage in heading tags is a plus, most especially the hi and h2, but too much of those keywords can be very detrimental to you blog’s health. 

  Tag your Image

This is the best method to optimize your images for search engines. A perfect and clean image with alt tag can really boost your blog traffic, since search engine doesn’t recognize images, they only recognize words. 

Therefore, tagging your images changes it from image phase to word phase in the sight of search engine bots. Representing your post concept with your images is plus, because it attracts more visitors to read your blog.

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  Set Your Permalink to Include Keyword

Do you know from research that the permalink in your blog’s dashboard contributes immensely to the increase in your blog traffic? Whenever you write your post and you are about to publish it, go to your permalink area and set your keywords in your blog post title.

 Permalink is a feature that is available in all blogging platforms. Including your targeted keyword inside the post permalink will make your blog post a perfect SEO friendly blog post.

 Conclusively, I believe that with the above tips, you now have a more detailed knowledge of search engine optimization on how to write your blog posts? Endeavor to follow these tips strictly without omitting anyone. If you have any observation or addition, you can do that via our comment box. And don’t forget to share it with your friends.
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