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Blogging is a wide business and a broad topic to discuss in just a blog post, but as time goes on we’ll get to understand it better. Blogging has make and break so many people over the years, some have smile to the bank at the end of each months to collect fortune while some are still rumpling with how to make a hit. Times without numbers, I’ve mentioned it in my previous posts that blogging is not only about making money, but also about making name.

Though at the long run after hard work and building of your blog’s reputation, many bloggers had made a lot of dollars. But some still forget the sole of blogging and keep pursuing the money aspect of it. 

Some even never had the passion and they venture into it all because they heard it’s attached to making money. *wink*, everybody likes money. Most pro bloggers today, who are making money, never had the plans to make money until they started.

So in case you’ve started blogging for long and you’ve never made a dime, you don’t have to quit or get frustrated. All you have to do is to ask yourself some few questions, exactly how I did few years back when I was struggling in the hands of making ways for blogging. Changing domain name is a necessity, but not a must at start. But there are some things you need to put in place, if you really want to make it in blogging. And these are the rules of blogging.

  You Are Not Passionate Enough

There is no amount of greatness you can achieve if you are not passionate about blogging. I have seen people interviewed and they said they are bloggers by heart, which shows the level of passion and love they have towards what they do. This is what I called the 1st law of blogging.

passionate about blogging

Never you joined millions of bloggers who never have passion, but opened blog because they have access to internet.

Blogging is beyond free internet or because you have a PC you can browse with. Don’t blog with the thought of making money, because frustration will be your watchword.

 Coining from my earlier words, I said many pro bloggers who started blogging was as a result of their passion, some had the passion of writing, why some it was inquisitiveness that led them to blogging, because they want to know the principle or rudiment of some things. So find where you kept your passion and take the part which can be useful for you.

  You don’t have unique stuffs to offer 

 There was an estimation of the total number of blogs in the world, and it was found to be well over 200 million. Jesus! Don’t know you’ll also scream. I actually read some few write-ups on Google page, and it was written like this “Blog sites are just too much, that we have to assign our engineers to manage our crawling robot”. It was one of the Google guys that were talking.

  You don’t have unique stuffs to offer

 He said they often pack some blogs who doesn’t have values aside and concentrate s on those that provides solution. What special and unique stuffs do you have to give people? That’s the question every bloggers supposed to have in mind. You need to keep your heads up because people want solutions from you, not stories.

One thing about blogging now is that original content is the king, gone are the days when crooked ways are used for SEO, but now you’ll definite pay with your page rank if you violate google’s rule. Endeavor to give something different which provides solution for people.

  Your Blog Design Is Wacky

People get discouraged if your blog design is wacky and annoying; guess you know what I mean. Stop displaying explanations of how to use some plugins and widget because it makes your blog look disorganized. 

Optimizing your blog for mobile use will give you more edge than other bloggers out there. Percentages of people using smartphones this day have increased so well that optimizing the blog is the best option.

 Make you blog design simple and cool, nobody needs your artistry skill, all they need is what you can offer. And if you are perfect at doing them then make it in a cool colour and not lousy types. Also check your page load time.

 A standard page load time for a good blog should be between 1-5 sec, not 20s and above. Because this is one of the keys to making your visitors want to come back next time.

  You are not meeting the needs of your Readers?

Many things are expected of you as a blogger in your chosen niche, and if you can’t prove yourself to be worthy in that aspect then you are a failure. Do you often take your time to know what people want? Pro blogger are where they are today because they were smarter in chosen their blog title. They took their time to research and know what their visitors want whereby meeting their needs.

 Most blogger don’t research before writing post, some just writing according to what they see or probably spice from people’s blog. Using of the keyword research is the best way to meet the demands of blog visitors or reader, because that is where you know what people search for. Every day I took my time to research of what is invoke before writing posts.

 You also need to cultivate the habit of replying comments; some bloggers don’t do such which is annoying. You need to visit your blog at least once in 2 days if you are busy to check comments awaiting for moderation because most times your readers do ask questions which they need answers for. Build a good relationship with your readers and you’ll see a wonderful result aftermath.

  You are not Patient! 

You are not succeeding in blogging because you are not patient. Rome they saw wasn’t built in a day. You can expect your one month old blog with 15 articles to be generating 5000 traffic. You need to be patient and work more harder because there is enough competition to drove you out of the way if you are too slag for the race.

You are not Patient!

Success in blogging is not over night, but over time but the reward id overnight. When you work hard and follow all the Google guidelines, your SEO and finally be smart and ask questions. All this can take you to where you wanna be in blogging industry.

  You don’t blog often

I have seen a blogger who posted articles once in a week and keep telling me he doesn’t see enough traffic. How possible is that when, when you are still building a reputation for the blog. Blogging two or three times a week will kill your blog, because you can’t expect people to keeping visiting when they know you are not persistent. In fact such a blogger gives readers rooms to regret while they subscribe for your daily updates.

Main Reasons Why You've Never Succeeded in Blogging

 Because when they needed you, you weren’t there. One thing I’ve notice is that most pro bloggers only blog occasionally, all because they’ve already built their reputation and make a name for themselves. But there are still some who cannot do without post even if it’s going to be just an article.

You can as well take the opportunity that some don’t blog frequently to build up your own blog by giving a regular attention to yours. A word is enough for the wise, if you must succeed in blogging, you need to be hardworking. I’ll like you to comment and share this post to some other people who you also think will benefit from this article as you have right now. 

There is a word that says “There is love in sharing”, so I wouldn’t want it to be that you’ll only benefit from this, why others wished to. So please share, like, tweet, and make this post go viral. Thanks
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