Lately, it has been hell with Airtel; I believe most users can testify? I’ve actually been a fan of Airtel Unlimited, but when I started facing serious limitations and challenges with it, and then I had to make a way for other network.


So I decided to go for MTN. Like seriously I dislike MTN as a network for browsing, but when I test the 3GBNight (9PM-6AM), then I fell in love with it again.

It cost N2, 500. One thing I noticed about this plan is that I was given 4.5G, whao!, but wait… 1.5G is for day time, while the remaining 3gb only works at night (9pm-6am) after exhausting the 1.5gb.

 In short, you get 4.5gb at the rate of N2,500, 1.5gb works at any time of the day and the remaining 3gb works only at night. I believe we all wants alternative for this Airtel network that’s messing around with their subscribers and move for better network.

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