Hello ABC readers, compliment of the season. I guess we’ve engaged one another this year, because I’ve already written a post on how you can make more money this year. You can read the post it you are yet to see it. Today’s post is majorly for the challenges most bloggers encounter in the course of their blogging career, and which is driving traffic to their blogs.


 I wrote this post because it’s my 100th post, and for a blogger to have gotten to this number of post, he needs to check how much traffic enters the blog. Probably you have more than 100 posts or even less on you blog, it doesn’t matter. What matters is how you can increase your present traffic stats. Increasing traffic to one’s blog has become so essential that if you have a blog that’s not pulling enough traffic, you will never be motivated to update it.

But when one has a blog that generates lots of visitor, in fact the motivation will just become natural, because you wouldn’t want to keep your readers waiting.

But today, we will be discussing some ways to increase traffic to your blogs. I called it surefire ways because it has been tested and confirmed by many other webmasters. One thing about my posts writing is that; I need to have tested any tips before I’ll bring it live to my visitors and readers. So grab a cup full of coffee, and let’s roll.

  1. Flexible and attractive templates

If you want to increase traffic to your blog this year, then you need to do away with that your wacky and stiff template. I often tell people that it’s your blog template visitors/ readers will see first before they see your contents.

I did one research a time ago, when I asked like 10 of my blog readers that what make them visit a blog. Their responses was kind of the same, they all arrived at telling me that whenever they come across a blog and the template is not friendly or light, they just leave without reading the content because they would have lost appetite for reading on the blog.

Another issue here is flexibility, I remember a very good friend of my Rryan wrote an article on how he got 14,000 page views in a day after he change his blog template.

 I believe wordpress is trending to this direction of flexibility, but we still have some premium blogger templates that are also very flexible. Recently I came across a website called templatenew where one can download very nice templates for both wordpress and blogger platforms, you can visit that later.

2. The use of keywords

If you’ve not started using keywords to optimize your blog posts, then you should be among those that complain about traffic. Frankly speaking, optimizing one’s post with the use of keywords emerges as the easiest way to get organic traffic to your blog.


 By so doing, you’ll give your blog a very good ground in search engine ranking. Though, too much of it might be disastrous, but you still have the chance to get more. Do you also know that your keywords work perfectly on social media, but this time around you just have to use the #hastag in bring out the keywords on social media platforms.

 Keywords are very essential when it comes to getting traffic and making your blog visible.

3. Increase your social media presence

Lately, it has been confirmed that social media likes Facebook, Twitter, Google+ have contributed immensely to the turnover of most bloggers traffic, that’s why I see most of my blogger friends around Facebook groups.


One thing about this is that if it doesn’t work, you wouldn’t be seeing people doing it. If your Facebook and twitter followers love your content/posts they would share it with their followers too, and so doing you’ll get massive traffic with social media.

 What most webmaster does now is to make a Facebook fan page like www.facebook.com/Allbloggingcoach to make people like it and whenever you publish; your readers will get those contents at one place.

4. Sharing is caring

I learnt this from harleena of Aha-now. Whichever blog she visits, she’ll share the content with her followers and then leave a reasonable comment.

I wrote a blog post on her as a case study of how you can get social media like a pro, you can read the post. One thing about getting traffic with this method is that you get whatever you do unto others. If you share people’s posts, they’ll definitely do the same to you. And in the course of this, you get massive traffic back to your blog.

  5. Advertise your blog

My mum often tells me that advertisement is the soul of business. I always believe that if you have the capital and you are busy to update your blog regularly, then you can implement advertisement strategy.

 In recent times now, Facebook has been a very good platform for advertisement. All you have to do is to create ad, and fill your required data with your targeted audience. Wherein you set the days of advertisement, though it’s based on the strength of your money.

Another good option here is when you chose to use Google adword. One thing about adword is that after some few times with Google, your blog promotion starts to show on the Google AdSense display banner, depending on the strength of your money anyway.

The third way you can advertise you website is to approach a top blog like allbloggingcoach and buy an ad space. It’s always good in this way with blogs that drive huge daily traffic from both organic and social media. Therefore, you can try us today.

6. Tell Everyone about Your blog

The situation here is that when you have a blog up, go tell your friends that you have a blog up now and you don’t have to care if they would love it or not. When they read it regularly and share it with their friends, then you can get some traffic.

On the contrary, if you have other means by which you can tell your folks, maybe by broadcasting the live blog on your phone contacts or any which way you feel it’s alright to do it.

7. Guest blogging 

Guest blogging has been one of the secrets of making a blog go viral, even aside getting traffic. When you guest post, there are so many benefits attached to it.

When we talk about guest posting on a very popular blog, then you sure we should be talking about you getting traffic, building great relationship with fellow bloggers, getting backlinks when you guest post on authority blog. Lots of benefits go like that which I can’t mention.

But do you know that with all this revealed benefits, some bloggers still refused to guest post. Do you know why?

 Some few months ago, I did some research on why some bloggers don’t guest post, then I came up with a blog post then: 5 Research reasons why some bloggers don’t guest. You can always read the post. Guest blogging which we also know as guest posting is a very wonderful way to drive massive traffic to your blog. If you start today… you will never regret tomorrow.

  8. Social Bookmarking sites

Social bookmarking has been one of the greatest contributors to my blog traffic. Social bookmarking sites like Digg, stumbleupon, reddit and delicious can get you huge traffic, all you just have to do is sign up with them and create account, after which you submit you link for people to read and come visiting your blog.

All you need to do is to write a post with an attractive title and a very good image that’s speaks a thousand words.

 I wrote a blog post where you can get the top 500 do follow social bookmarking sites with pagerank of 2-8, you can check and read it.

9. Commenting

Have you ever imagine your blog with 9000 comments in one year? I’ve you published a post that generated well above 100 of comments? If not, then you haven’t been engaging in commenting on other blogs.

Harleena singh, has toned herself to be the comment superstar in blogging industry. This has made her so popular that you just have to visit her blog. I remember that what actually drove my attention to her was the way she comments, and the way she was been found everywhere on every blog. And with this, she has gotten massive traffic to her blog.

Her commenting streak brought her so many fortunes, and I believe you can always get there too.

10. SEO 

You can’t just underestimate the power of search engine optimization if you really want huge traffic drive to your blog. When we talk about SEO, then everything on your blog should be search engine friendly, so as to make your blog rank high and you can get massive traffic from SEO.

Then how do you go about this? Great! There are some particular areas and thing on your blog that needs to be optimized. I wrote some posts on SEO that gives traffic, and I believe you’ll find it useful. Here are the posts below:

1. The basics of SEO

2. How to drive traffic using image tag

  Over to You

I believe I’ve actually did a great job with this listing. If you have any other ways in which one can drive massive traffic to a blog, then don’t hesitate to share it in the comment box.

And before you go, please share this post with your followers on social media. You can use the social media button below and the ones beside the post. Thanks for reading.
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