Guess someone is not thinking toward this direction, but I think it’s one of the best shot you have to make as a blogger. Everything in life has a “Checkup” time, as human does, animals, so do your blog have to be checked often. I think you need to be told that your blog is a living thing as well. Lol! Don’t mind me. 

Therefore, you don’t just dumb article on the blog every time, and not taking out time may be once in every month to check out on those blog posts of yours. It is very common among the successful blog, to have updated contents. It is only when you check on your old posts that you can know if some words are written correctly, and many injuries like that. 

 Moreover, the content have to be fresh and always take a new look every now and then with informative and useful contents. Therefore, if you find out that some of your old posts are no longer serving their needs, then you can as well recycle them so as to make them fresh again.

  Does it have any benefit?

I will say an audacious Yes, because we all know the effect of recycling our old blog content in that it helps to point out some flaws in our blogging. This is very glaring that bloggers always want to give the best for their visitors and readers, in that it goes a long way with credibility. 

Definitely, you’ll want to give your reader the best quality content, both the old and the new site visitor. Therefore if you decide to leave your old contents unchecked then you might be giving some of your new visitors a bad impression about the blog. 

Most of us started a novice with blogging, though some had passion for writing but it was little knowledge we knew about blogging niche then, therefore it is very possible that your old contents are not that useful… and compare with the knowledge you’ve gained over the years, then it is necessary you recycle your blog contents.

  How to go about recycling Your Old Posts. 

Well, most times you need not to re-write the whole of the post when recycling the blog post. Just a few grammatical check, paragraph arraign and possibly some other vital things should be checked. When you start checking the posts, you will definite know which aspect need to be touch and which other things should be added , in that you’ve gained more experience and learn so many things.


 We all know that experiences make people to grow in live, therefore a blogger of today will definite be than a yesterday blogger. So chances are that some of your old article will fall out of favor as when you wrote them. You are more knowledgeable now and better. 

  Why it’s Mandatory you update your Content.

It might not be compulsory, but most times it’s necessary to update your old contents. Aside the issue of recycle of the old post, update it is also a very good SEO practice. When you check on your post regularly, then you’ll be able to point out what the post is lacking. Most especially in this time when keyword reigns, then if there is increase in search for a particular keyword phrase in your blog, then I’ll advice you should try and update such article for better search engine visibility. And with the new set of key words standing firm, then you’ll be able to expose your content to a wider and larger audience and get more traffic.

  Your Content is Highly Proportional to Search engines and Social media 

The fact still remain that your content dwells a lot in your site ranking and this is highly beneficial in all ways. Therefore, as a blogger who know what he/she wants you need to think about search engines whenever you are creating your blog spots. And this doesn’t show a bit that your followers are not put in the plan. 


We should all know that humans are more prioritized over search engines; therefore, make your content highly useful and problem solving type and this is how search engine can fall in love with your blog.  Social media on the other hand is now considered to be a part in blog marketing. 

Therefore, failure to use social media or social networking site as one of the key technique to market your contents can lead to a great loss. In a very good sense, we notice now that every website carry social media buttons to encourage their readers to share with friends, and this is majorly achieve in respect to how valuable your blog content is. 

When this sharing of the content is done, then you will benefit from the high traffic that often come from the social networking site. And not only will you gain more traffic, quality backlink is also assured.

i believe with this post, you were able to get one or two things about the importance of recycling your old blog content. i’ll advice you that if you’ve not started… try and start today. Please your comment and observation is highly welcome and kindly d that via our subscription box.
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