A lot of techniques and rules have  have been talked about by the so called pro bloggers, but they often left out some basic rules of SEO which most of the time are left unturned. I noticed I have been writing a lot of articles on SEO this past weeks, may be because I promise myself that I want to crack the puzzles of search engine optimization to some extent.

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 Though it’s a wide range for someone to cover in a decade, you just need to talk about them. Mere looking at internet marketing these days, you’ll see that there are some important practices which we need to take cognizance of, and if you keep ignoring them, it’s dangerous, because it has been founded ever since the evolution of blogging or let say internet marketing itself.

Guess it’s nothing new again because we all know that the success of our blog/ our online businesses depend strongly on these importance evolutionary practices of SEO and also the new ones, because without correcting and mastering these rules, your blog keeps struggling.

 Writing with Passion

I told someone earlier this week that I always write my articles with passion. From what I learnt from Google, your articles, and blogs are not for you, but for you readers. So endeavor to give them the best that is expected of you. An interactive blog keeps your follower intact.

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 There are some blogs out there that only passes message, no form of interaction between the write and the reader. It’s always mandatory that when you write, always make your readers feel your presence, as if you are with them lecturing. While you write your article, I want you to have some few things in mind:

 1. Remember keywords and search engine optimization in mind, which we all know they are good in ranking of our web pages.

2. Your article should be of high quality, like I wrote earlier; it should be readable and interactive for your audience to appreciate them.

 3. Remember it’s not only traffic you are after for writing the article, but a faithful and stable reader, because you might have a enough traffic and still have a low income. Therefore assume that you are writing for a large number of people, which is very true. By so doing and having that in mind, you’ll make you article informative.

  The Effect of Duplicating Your Content

Are you surprise that I brought up this topic? Guess you need to be because so bloggers actually do that. Duplicating your articles on your blog to make your post number many is a null on the side of search engine. Plagiarism and copy right infringement is what Google termed the act to be, and it has a great penalty the blog is going to pay.

Though it happens at time, when you write your article in your HTML post space and probably the network wasn’t too good, most times it would have posted and you’ll think it didn’t post and re- post it. It happened to me earlier this week, when I posted an article and the stuff didn’t post, and I re clicked the post button not knowing it has already been posted.

 It was when I visited my main site check on my posts that I knew it was a double post I did. Always check your web pages for duplicate posts, nobody is perfect. Duplicating content lowers the rank of your blog, and I guess that’s too bad. That is why you should always be careful when you post articles.

  Referral Traffic

I must tell you that referral traffic is very bad. Anything I shared with you here, was as a result of my experience. There was a time I used a referral site to get traffic on my blog back in 2011 so well they gave me traffic, but the aftermath effect was so grievous that I as blaming myself for such an act. 

A lot of bloggers have make the same kind of mistakes, that is why google’s panda and penguin updates have dealt with so many blogs today.

It was said that getting traffic from those site could get your blog shutdown. So while the biggest search can lift your blog, it can also be the downfall. You just have to be care, that is why most times we need our traffic from different sources like forums, social media etc.
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  1. Asaolu, thanks for this well thought out topic. I saw the headline on "Money in the blog" and decided to check it out. Your writing is quite interesting and informative.

    Writing a post with SEO in mind is as important as writing for human consumption. Both sides have to be balanced if your article is to achieve its purpose.

    Passion is a key element to writing great blog post. Your passion propels you to add extra flavour to your post. Besides, your audience can feel it just the same way someone on the other end of a telephone conversation can feel you smile.

    Writing quality content should be your paramount desire each time you write. Be sure to add the right keywords, keyword phrases or longtail keywords to increase the chances of your article being found by the search engines. Keep everything simple and clear.


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