best blog sites for beginners

On a more serious note, of every starter.. they always have a guilder and of every baby comes the mother to put him or her through. Finding the best blog sites for beginners has become so paramount that in blogosphere, you just have to climb on the shoulder of a giants. 

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best blog sites for beginners

And who are the giants? Those that have started blogging tips and tricks before entertainment blogging comes order of the day, legends in blogging, Consistent bloggers that never diverted from original blogging.

Now getting a foundation base for beginners in blogospheres, there are some certain blog they should have visited or should visit. These afore mention blogs has been so grounded in search engines that they have all it take for you as an up coming blog to strive, they always have the “How to” and solutions to every blogging challenge you could face.

These blogs are one of the Top 10 best blog sites for beginners… Namely. These are the blogs i have used for my SEO-search engine optimization challenges, coding challenges, template challenges. They have produced a lot of successful bloggers and have helped beginners in one way or the other. They are:

1. Mybloggertricks

Mybloggertricks is one blog i can never forget. it is owned by Mohammad who was a young Entrepreneur then, running a number of sites from his living room. He is an experienced SEO Consultant, Computer Engineer, Professional Blogger & an addicted Web Developer. He runs STC Network which offers Web Services and Online Business Solutions to clients around the globe.

i learnt “How to do virtually everything on blogger platform on mybloggertricks”

2. Justnaira

A great young Nigerian guy that was making cool money that nobody seems to take note. He was very passionate with the blog that one learn how to make money, tricks and tweak on the great website.

Justnaira is now ranked virtual on every keywords typed and searched on Google.

3. Helperblogger

You hardly see any blogger’s blog that is not using Helperblogger’s widget. If you think blogger platform is gone, then you need to sit tight because the game has just begun, Helperblogger has rolled out  lot of widget for blogger’s blog thathis name can never be forgotten. His everygreen facebook page widget still looms fresh on peoples website.

Had a couple of encounter with them, and it was a great experince for me.

This guy is a wizard when it comes to money making strategies, i’ve been following him for the past 7 years, and i have learnt so much from him about Money making strategies and consitency.
If you want to read the latest 2016 ways of earning legit money online, then you need to run to his blog, because you will definitely get the latest of the best.
They use to call her comment queen the and i’m not sure if they still do. I actually wrote a post about her on how to get social media shares like pro’s do.. Harleena Singh as a case study,
i often wonder how she does it then, that whenever she publish a post, in just few hours, comments and shares would have polluted her blog. Later was when i realized that relationships in life can take a long way.
And i wont do without talking about the legendary blogger. He has impacted so many into blogosphere, and his name will never be written off.
However, these are the Top 10 best blog sites for beginners, they have help me alot and will a million times recommend them for the up coming bloggers. I know i have some established and probloggers reading this post.
if you have has one or two experiences with these great people, kindly comment using the comment box. Thanks 


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