Publishing a post might be as easy as what anybody can do, but the aftermath is what really counts. When as a writer, you scouted for the keyword you want to write a post on, gather information about the keyword, then eventually you took the pain and sleepless nights to put up an amazing optimized contents. 


Do you just publish the post on your blog and leave it like that? Or you try as much as possible to follow its progress by constant promotion and shares. 

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Today, I’ll be talking about the top 10 things you should do after publishing your post. The issue here is that you don’t publish and go, you need to do some promotions to get quality traffic. Below are the top 10 things I do immediately I publish a post on my blog…

1. Ping My Blog: 

Funny right? Like not exactly what you were expecting first? I have learn on thing over the course of my blogging career that of every post you are publishing, thousands of people are also publishing same keywords. Now the question is, how do you make your own keyword rank in Google search. 

Statistical analysis has shown that Google doesn’t crawl or index your post immediately you publish. At times it takes few hours or even days to get indexed, in cases where do don’t post everyday on your blog though.

 Therefore, pinging your blog immediately you publish a post, do some quickie calling on the Google crawler, and they’ll come to your blog to check the new post and crawl it, after that it’s indexed. This really helps in getting traffic and outsmarting your competitors. You can use pincer sites like: PING-O-MATIC, GOOGLEPING.

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 2. Make Sure My Subscriber Get The Post 

This is where I need to give kudos to Muki Enstine, he is a super fantastic man. Immediately he publish, I get the post instantly, I read and add comment to the post. Making sure your loyal readers get your published post now depend on the subscriber feeds you use. 

We have lots of fantastic companies that build list of subscribers for your by giving you their HTML codes when your sign up with them. Companies like Feed burner owned By Google, Mailchimp , and just to mention few. 

When you use good Subscriber feeds, you are rest assured that your subscribers will get the post and so, comments will keep following.

 3. Submit To Search Engines:

Despite that fact that I mentioned in the first point that pinging one’s blog immediately after publish is very effective in post indexing, this doesn’t rule out the fact that you need to submit your blog post to search engines.

 Perhaps, I know some bloggers might not fall for this style, but for the benefit of those who believe and wants to try it. This is a very good way getting your blog post submitted to Google within few seconds. 

You can submit your blog post  HERE>>>>.

 4. Submit To Blog Communities 

Do you even try this particular method at all? Yaga! I believe some will say they used it when they started blogging, and also others might say YES! I still use the method. 

For you to increase your blog visibility, you cannot rule out the efficacy of blog communities. They increases your post engagement, add to your blog traffic, and also very good at backlinking. 

I’m in over 30 blog communities, but will mention few that you can start with. They are: Bizsugar, Dosplash, Blockube, Blogenage, etc.

5. Submit to Social Bookmarking Sites:

 Some few months ago, I wrote a post on “Top 500 Social bookmarking sites in 2015”. This particular post has been the ringing voice of my post with over 200 comments. 

Submitting your blog posts to social bookmarking sites has been a hell positivity for getting backlinks and massive traffic. I use some few ones as well and this has really helped my blog. Stumbleupon, Digg, Technorati, and so no…

6. Use Twitter Communities: 

Oh no! Probably you might not have heard about these communities, but they are super fantastic in their build up. Using twitter community like JUSTREWEET, you are given the space of same 140 character, but you have credits/point to your disposer.

 t’s like a game, you tweet my post and earn credits, I tweet yours to gain credits too. It now depend on how much the credit points you place on your tweet. We also have EASYRETWEET who does the same thing.

 7. Share Your Post on Facebook 

There was a post I wrote on “How to get Social media Share like pro- Harleena singh a case study”. I got lots of comment, but had issues with my commentluv comment box, so I lost those comments.

 From the interview, she said whenever she publish a post on her blog, she doesn’t share on Facebook immediately. She always take her time to share on groups one after the other. Which means it might take like 3 days for her to finish the sharing. Do you know why? 

it’s better to make Google do its justice and SERP upgrade before sharing on social media. I learnt this from her that it keeps the traffic momentum steady and for traffic sustenance.

 Which invariably mean when you publish, just ping for Google crawlers to come and index, then take your time to do other submission the following day after you’ve started getting traffic from Google.

Other Things I also do after publishing

 8. Pin my images on pinterest for traffic
 9. Post on forums
 10. Then I wait for traffic to roll in.

Conclusively, I believe you agreed with my own point of view. I alo know you have additions to what have been said up there. What are the things you do immediately after publishing a post on your blog? We’ll love to hear yours in the comment section. Your comments are highly welcome. 

Meanwhile before you go, we might have some of your friends who wants to share what they do after publishing a post on their blog, kindly share this post on social Medias with your friends. 


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