Did I just hear you say good question? Yes it is. Google Adsense is perhaps the most popular way to make money online, if there are other better ones. Lots of bloggers have attached their success round adsense, some have failed why others succeed. But the question still is; what do you need to make money with adsense?


 Before I proceed on answering this particular question, I’ll like to give a simple definition of what Google adsense is because adsense beginners.

  What is Google Adsense?

In just a simple and direct sentence, adsense is owned by google. According to research, it was confirmed that adsense is the major source of income for Google, it is free for publishers like you and I and Publishers receive 68% of the revenue and Google 32%.

 For example if an advertiser pays $1 for a click then 68 cents will go to the publisher and 32 cents to Google. Also, cost per click calculation is only based on an auction type system. If you want to know more about Google adsense, then you can visit AdSense Help Center.

 Therefore, grab a sit and learn about the things you need to make money with adsense.


What are the things you need to make money with adsense? 

Have you noticed that most bloggers, especially the newbies believe once you have adsense on your blog, one can start making money with it. There are some criteria you need to have before you can start making money with adsense. Below, I will be sharing with you what and what you need to have before you can make money with adsense.

 You need to comply with Google Adsense Policies 

Lots of publishers failed to make revenue with adsense because they couldn’t comply with their simple policies. Do you know that adsense represents one-third of Google’s revenue? Therefore, they take this program very serious and that’s the more reason why it’s now hard for bloggers to get approval.

 Moreover, even if you get an adsense account and you couldn’t play by their rules 100%, then you at risk losing the account. Do you know I laughed when publishers complain about their adsense account been banned. The question is when was the last time you read these policies?

Publishers hardly have the time to read updates. These are rules and they are meant to be updated on daily basis. Therefore I’ll advice you to check and read these policies often, so as to know what’s new.

  You need to start targeting the right keywords

 In case you don’t know, for you to make money with adsense, you need to target some specific keywords that convert so easily than others.

 There was a time i wrote an article” Top adsense keywords. These are type of keywords that I’m talking about. If you target the right keywords in your content then you’ll make more money with adsense.

Therefore, what are the right keywords to use in your content?

1. Action keywords: these are keywords that are more effective, since their users are more likely to ‘take action’ immediate they are been click.

 2. Advertiser’s keywords: these are keywords used by different advertisers to promote their products. These types of keywords are always competitive.

 Let’s look at the following example: assuming you have 2 websites of different niches like “social media strategy” and make money tips”. Fortunately you are running adsense on the two website , receiving the same anount of organic trafficand the adsense units are placed in the same positions.

 The “make money tips” blog is likely to make more money with adsense than the first one because more advertisers are interested in the keyword so the number of available relevant ads will be greater.

 Another thing is that users are also likely to click the ads more often since users looking for tips and solution on how to make money are more likely to click on a relevant ads. And this is also the more reason why organic traffic is considered to be more valuable than any other form of traffic, because it’s highly targeted and converts better.

  You need a high quality website

It is not how much content you publish on a particular website that matter, but the quality of such a website and the content as well.

 Do you know that Google is liable to advertisers for the money paid, so they don’t want their various ads to show on low quality websites.

  You need a website with rich contents

One thing about adsense that fascinate me is that it loves websites with rich content. However, content can be in any form, be it text, images, videos etc, provided that it does not violate the stipulated policies given by Adsense.

 It is recommended that you should have enough text on the pages so that adsense crawlers can understand better what the website is about. That is why image tag is very vital when it comes search engine optimization

 Adsense is more suitable for websites that publish articles, how-to, blogging tips (like this one) and also case study.

  You need a MASSIVE traffic

This is where lots of publishers, bloggers and webmaster have issues. Just few days ago, I wrote an article on how you can increase your blog traffic. Adsense is a very good way to make money online and probably the easiest method, but you need a reasonable amount of traffic to get conversions.

For now, I can actually give the exact number because as we all know that the amount of money you can make on adsense depends on the earnings per click (EPC) and click through rate (CTR), but if I’ll advice my readers, then I’ll say if you are generating less than 500-700 unique visits per day then you should display adsense.

 Because the more targeted traffic you have, the more money can make with adsense.


Adsense is perhaps the easiest of all making money platform, more reliable and the sure way to make money online. But provided your website meets the criteria we’ve discussed above, then you can now enjoy a wonderful revenue.

 On the other hand, you shouldn’t rely solely on adsense if you plan to be successful in your online business, because adsense can fail you anytime. Everybody agrees that adsense is great but you have another income as well to support it.

If you have gain one or two things from this post, don’t keep this alone to yourself try and share the post with your friends on social media and don’t forget to leave your comment behind. Thanks.
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