I believe little is the knowledge that people know about blogging. People have really misunderstood blogging for money making, seeing people  making  a huge amount of money by blogging professionally, and thinking that blogging is a good way to make money.

Only to get themselves disappointed because they did not understand what blogging is all about. Blogging is not about making or earning money, though it could be bonus to it, but not primarily the means of making money online. It’s is about being social, having fun, building networks, sharing your thoughts and helping others.

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Few years ago, i was researching on blogging and i found this little acronym on blog that will help you to remember what blogging is all about.It’s simple and straight forward, and i so much believe you are going to love it.

B Be friend. Get to know people. Make friends. Build up relationships. If no one reads your blog it’s just internet litter clogging up the cyber highway. Building friends and relationships is a top strategy for your blog. 

Having loyal supporters and readers will not only bring traffic but also be self promoting. After all Blogging does fall into the Social Media category. The emphasis being on Social. Too many people just want to make money, or use blogging as a form of free advertising. Visit other blogs. promote and comment on their blogs.

L Learn. Don’t think you know everything because you don’t. Want your blog to succeed you have to learn. Learn from the best. Find other bloggers in your niche and learn from them. read their blogs, devour their knowledge, then apply that to your own blog..

O Officious. Be an official, an authority in your chosen niche. Become a guru. Build up credibility. This will take time, but if you have the patience it will pay off. It also takes commitment. You cannot become a recognized guru in your market by hit and miss. You have to be dedicated in what you do. You also have to love what you do.

G Give. Blogging and social networking is all about giving rather than taking. If you are into blogging to see what you can get out of it, e.g. how many sales, how much money, etc, then you have missed the boat. Blogging is all about giving to others. 

Giving freely of your knowledge, giving freebies that will help others. Giving time. Guest posting on other blogs.

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