Hello, here we come again, for those who have not been following our articles on blogging or how to become a blogger. We’ve had few articles on what is a blog, and others just to mention few. we started by talking about what a blog is which is “getting started” in blogging and i believe if you go through my previous articles here, you will be informed on what a blog is and things you need to know about blogging. 

Now we want to proceed to what next, after creating a blog?There are so many people out there, who already have a blog but due to the fact that they don’t know the next step on what to do, they are on the verge of abandoning the blog which is not suppose to be. It has been said that”If you are not informed, you will be deformed” and in making you not to loose interest in blogging, that’s why i have put together these stuffs for you to know what are the next steps after you’ve created a blog.

1.Write a Unique Blog Post

The first thing that you need to do after creating a blog is to start putting high quality contents. I think I need to let you know this that the journey of being a better blogger starts from your first post. 

And also the first impression last longer than anything else. For you to build a successful blog, you need to have posts that are very useful, interactive like the one you are reading and also memorable, that after your visitors read, they will keep coming back. 

A very useful tip which I’m going to give you is to try and use your first post to describe why you have created your blog and on what topic and niche you will be operating in the future. Though things change anyway, but you have to act like a professional.


2.Set up Feed for your Blog

I think this is a very good point I’ve got here, because if you are sure and wants your readers to connect with your blog, get your latest post, then you need to set up a feed for the blog. 

And where can you setup the feed? I recommend feed burner, because they’ve been the best so far. Any readers that subscribe to your blog will get your contents; I mean your latest posts on his/her mail box, and that will keep them connected to your blog every time.


3.Submit your Blog to Google Webmaster Tools

Now we are getting there step by step. After you’ve done the first two steps, then you need to submit you blog to Google webmaster tools. This is a very easy way to get your blog indexed in Google search engine very quick. 

According to Bloggers, “if you are not on Google, you’re almost invisible to the world”. Lol!, and I believe none of you would want to invisible to the world, then why blogging when you never submit you sitemap to Google.
 Submit it to Google Webmaster Tools today.


4. Social bookmarking

I talked about social bookmarking sometimes ago, and how it can turbo boost your blog traffic and rank within one month of creating it.
i will like you to read about social bookmarking from the link on the name. Social bookmarking has played a very important role in getting a source of traffic. 

When you write and post your contents to popular social bookmarking sites like: Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious, etc.) will also be a great source of backlink and exposure.

 I think you need to start thinking about social bookmarking as a peer- reviewed contents, because when you bookmark your contents with the likes of dig, you get more exposure and also you stand the chance of getting others to link to you and also comment on your blog.


5.Update Your Blog Frequently: 

The only thing that can kill your blog so soon is to say that you are busy to update your blog often. Make it an assignment to always post on your blog frequently. As a new blogger, I’ll advice to always make a post daily; I mean high quality contents, not just anyhow contents.

 It has been confirmed from all sources that search engine crawlers love to see new and fresh contents on your blogs every time they visit your blog, therefore when you update your blog frequently, search engine crawlers will be pleased so also your readers.


6. Comment in related blogs and post in forums

If you want to increase you blog visibility, then commenting on blogs and posting on forums related to your niche is the best chose you can ever make. These two great ways had really bolstered my blog traffic in the last two years, and also increase the readership of my blog. 

Well, these are very easy to achieve now with the help of commentluv comment box. Whenever you visit other people’s blog in your niche, there are spaces in which you drop your blog’s URL and so also in the signature field in forums, and then you drop a bit of your blog keywords, then you are sure to get links back to your blog. 

 Another advantage of this action is when those forums and comment box are dofollow like commentluv comment box, then it will also help you to build backlinks which will increase your pagerank and also search engine ranking. 

 If the blog or the forum is dofollow, they will also help you build backlinks which will help you raise your PageRank and eventually your Search Engine Rankings. Remember to post useful comments only and never do spamming.


7.Create a Facebook Fan Page For your Blog

 Now when we talk about the effect of social Medias on blog these days, then Facebook will not be left out. A lot of bloggers have generated lots of traffic from creating a Facebook fan page. 

This is good in the sense that it makes you to look professional and also increase your blog’s reputation by getting a lot of fans and followers. Here is our facebook fan page and help us liked it


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