Good day fellow bloggers and readers, smile. This is not a debate anyway, but a question that’ll like bloggers to answer. I Purposely put this article together because of the newbies.

who-is-a-pro blogger?

It’s funny right? I mean my introduction. I was thinking of what to write when this blog title came to my mind and I believe we all have one or two things to say about this. Though I’m making this post a free to all, where you can say your mind in the comment box.

Lots of young and new bloggers have been intimidated(so to say) and sugar coated by the so called pro bloggers by passing a wrong information across to then which they’ve vulnerable taken.

 According to the research I did, pro-blogger means professional blogger and according to Wiktionary: Professional means

1. A person who belongs to a profession 
2. An expert
 3. A person who earn his living from a specified activity.

When I saw this definition, I was like; does that mean I’m a pro blogger too. I wasn’t so convinced with that definition so I listed out some thoughtful questions about been a pro blogger that I’ll want us to answer both within us and inside the comment box. Below are the questions: Who is a pro blogger?

1. A blogger that blogs full time? 

See this is a very critical question, because it’s only taking about just one thing. We have bloggers that blog full time and doesn’t earn at all from blogging.

 Do you want to question that? I had a friend some years back who has passion for blogging, this young man blogged for 2 years without earning anything form blogging. He was experienced and expert in SEO optimization. Do we now say he was a pro blogger?

2. A blogger that has huge traffic stats or big email subscription list? 

This has got me worried on several occasions when bloggers with thousands of subscribers brag about it and by so doing that’s calling themselves a pro blogger.

  3. A blogger that is popular in social medium and blogging community? 

Do you really thing been a pro blogger goes in line with social medium popularity? Don’t beat that, we have so many bloggers that sticks to social medium and hasn’t gotten to expert level.

You need to know that we have lots of frustrating bloggers out there longing that one day, they’ll make money with their blog.

  4. A blogger that makes $50 a month? 

Ah! This is it, we have several bloggers out there that makes $50 a month, and whereas we have those that make $5000 a month. So which among this two set of people is a pro blogger?

  5. A blogger that does all the listed points? 

For sure, we have bloggers that are qualified and does all the listed point. And we believed they are pro blogger, but in a case we have a blogger that doesn’t meet up with all; like he makes money with his blog, but he doesn’t have huge traffic and he is not socially famous. Do we still regard him/her as a pro blogger?

 Conclusively, according to the research I made. I was made to know that any person who is a blogger by profession and earning from the blogging is known as a pro blogger. Which means anyone that does other jobs with blogging and probably he calls himself a part-time blogger is not a pro blogger?

 What I’m trying to clarify here is that having a huge and fat email listing, big social media shares and making thousands of dollars a day doesn’t make you a pro blogger, so far you have not make blogging a profession.

Lots of real pro bloggers don’t see themselves as pro blogger because they believe they stayed long, dedicated to blogging as a calling and still making few money with the blog. Stop getting intimated with the name “pro blogger”, it’s not about how much you make, it’s about how constant you blog and make a living.

Over to you 

I know you have a different view from this, with my little knowledge I have said few and I want YOU to add more with your comments. Thanks. Please before you go, try and share this interesting post with a friend. They need to know who a pro blogger is. Enter your best email for latest update!
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