To be candid, if I’m to ask between 1-1000 persons this kind of a question, then I believe I’ll gather millions of answers. I believe everybody to his/her own opinion about doing things in life. But when it comes to blogging, we all sing the same song to the same tune, which is basically “Make money blogging”. Guess I’m right? You hardly see a blogger who created his blog to catch fun, or while away time. Actually I’ve seen one anyway, but those bloggers are one out of a million; so rare to fine.

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Though despite the fact that he catches fun with his blog, he still monetized his blog… so what are we talking about? Blogging is so hot and tensed now that everybody wants to blog, and not only that but they wants to make money overnight with their blogs. Interesting you know? Lately, I took an observable stint to blogging industry. I’m not sure if anybody has been so observant like I’ve been in recent time, but I kept tab on 20 blogs which invariably has led to my putting of this post. I noticed that for like 4 weeks or there about, these names withheld blogs left their blog dormant and they didn’t update their blogs.

Therefore, the first thing that came to my mind was that “why do we blog?” This is a question that strikes beneath our individual mind. It’s a kind of question that goes to the newbies, struggling bloggers and also the pros. It’s a funny but an important question. Nevertheless, the truth needs to be told, and I believed we all have reasons for our blogging action… but we all have the same motive.

Therefore, today I will be discussing in brief the basic reasons why we all blog. It varies anyway, the floor is open for you to add and observe the post via the comment box. Number one reason why we blog is to make money…..

1. To Make More Money:

The quest is hot and timid, some have been broke while some are formidable but the heat is still on in the make money online issue. A lot of bloggers fell in when they heard that blogging is making serious money, but they later crashed out when they couldn’t bare the heat within. Moreover, I believe we all are victim of this “to make money” but only those who could stand the test of time and Google scaled through.


The reasons why we blog matters a lot in building a successful blog. If I tell you that I met some newbies who actually don’t know why they blog, would you believe? If you determine to make money with your blog, then you need the “Extra” of the ordinary to succeed. Gone are the days when “Making Money” all revolves round Google AdSense, because it was so easy to get accepted then, but today I’ll tell you it’s a hard nut to break.

Therefore, if you are a new blogger or an aspiring one and you wish to have a blog, then I’ll advice you to come to blogging industry with extra skill that will fetch you cool money.

2. Because you are passionate about writing


Good to know that, but not everybody is loves writing. I think I’m a very good example of this, I actually didn’t say I’m a good writer because I believe we all are learning every day. Do you know what a friend told me?

He said” there is nothing in this world done without passion that succeeded”

 Do you believe this statement? Passion brings success, and I believe when you are passionate about what you do, it makes success comes easily. This reminds me the story of a young man who had passion for writing, but never got the opportunity.

At the long run, when he read a blog post on how to make money with just a PC and Internet, his story changed. He started as a freelance writer at the age of 16, and wrote more than 200 articles for top blogs.

 Eventually, he got hired by an English man who offered to pay him $100 every week. He signed the deal and this young man became something to write home about. He is no other person than the writermind’s blog. Passion gives way, thought it might take a long time to make a hit but eventually you’ll hit a gold mine.

  3.Promote Skills:

Do you know that some bloggers actually started blogging because they wanted to promote their skills. Go out there, and you’ll see most of them having a dormant blog scattered over the blogosphere. What they do is that, immediately they create blog, optimized and put few contents that described what services they can offer, they go away and wait until people get back to them for deals or contracts.


 Well most of them are static blogs anyway, but I’ve seen few which are not static. However, it is a good thing to have skills when blogging, skills like web designing, SEO, labels designing. Etc. all these abilities gives you upper hand more than fellow bloggers, and you can make money blogging with that.

4.Sponsor Review:

I think I’ve seen blogs who does sponsor’s review for companies or organization. This is a kind of deal between the admin and the agent that brings it. I had to be a good example of this sponsor’s review, because a man approached me that he wants to advertise a casino with an article on my blog for 12 months. Hmm! Signing because you thinks it’s a cool deal, the pay was actually ridiculous and more so it’s casino which is against Google adsense policy (Betting sites), so I refused.

 Some bloggers actually have their blogs to advertise and promote products for companies. But all this depends on your alexa rank, your social media presence and how much traffic do you drive to your blog? It’s not an easy anyway, but people still make a reason why they blog after they have built and optimized their blog to the fullest.

5. Because you Heard People Blogging?

Lol! A lot of them had packed up anyway, and the few that remains are such a nub-skull in blogosphere. They are so fortunate not to know what is called Meta description or Meta Tag. All what they were after is to get content published and push tons of traffic to their blogs , either by white hat SEO or blackhat SEO.

I’ve seen lots of them whenever they contribute to posts; they always sign with surprise and often ask this question what is SEO? And also most time how can they optimize their blog post. Moreover, it was never their fault because they never had a genuine reason why they blog. So they have difficulties in knowing the rudiments of success in blogging.

Now Over to You 

Why do you blog? Do you have any other reasons why you blog aside these stated points above? Let’s hear your view and observation by using the comment box below.

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