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I’m very sure that most webmasters know what is email marketing? And for those who don’t know what email marketing is, email marketing can be defined as:

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Email marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing.


 In another sense, it is also called Solo Ads. I believe it’s still the same thing.

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Moving forward, everyone is more conversant with social media marketing because the fact that you promote, share, tag on Facebook then you are engaging in social media marketing. Therefore, having engaged in both marketing techniques, I now brought out 10 unit areas why I strongly believed that email marketing will get you more sales than social media marketing.

 This concerning scrutiny business accounts on social media not personal accounts to the effectiveness of email.

  1. Email is best for sales. 

A recent study from Custora found that customers who uses  email shop more frequently  and their expenses is 12%  beyond average whereas Facebook is average and Twitter is twenty third less valuable than average.

  2. Email Is easily used Compare to social media. 

Email is sort of easy and simply understood. On the opposite hand social media could be a continued education program. the large social platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn) area unit perpetually dynamical which needs experience and time to implement effectively.

3. You own Email 100%. 

You own your list and you management it. You don’t own Facebook, Twitter, etc and you actually don’t management it. Social media platforms area unit owned by mega companies with one mandate – build cash. they are available and go – keep in mind Myspace that has almost light.

4. Use is higher with email than social media. 

According to a definite target survey ninety one of shoppers use email daily – abundant beyond social media. The study found that sixty six of usa citizens on-line created a sale supported associate email promoting message as compared to simply 2 hundredth from Facebook. Even messages concerning your social accounts come back from email.

5. Email is simple to pass onto to friends and business associates. 

Just click forward and therefore the full message is shipped. I subscribe many email account and infrequently pass them on with the press of the mouse as a part of being a decent supply of relevant info. Not thus straightforward in social media wherever the recipient must be listed on it social website.

  6. Lower value for email. 

Unfortunately social media has become terribly commercial. To urge enough individuals on Facebook to ascertain your posts you’re likely to possess to shop for Facebook ads. On the opposite hand email distribution systems area unit comparatively cheap.

7. Time to manage is a smaller amount for email.

The time investment for email is a smaller amount vs. social media which may be quite time intense to urge any traction. You will burn up a ton of hours on social media and not essentially get a prospect. On the opposite hand, email will generate sales.

8. Growing Email List is less complicated.

Growing associate email list is easier than obtaining followers on a social media business page. Aggregation emails is tired some ways (website, downloads, in office, etc) whereas obtaining Likes on Facebook or followers on Twitter is difficult.

9. Email is more personal.

People get from individuals they trust and like. Email lists is metameric into classes like current customers, in active customers, etc – then the emails is created and sent supported the customer’s standing i.e. a lot of customized. On the opposite hand, social media is a lot of one size fits all.

10. Email will repurpose alternative content that you simply have.

E.g. a monthly account can be an outline of three or four recent web log posts – that means giving a spread of content that may resonate with a wider audience.

 I believe you’ve read and agreed to some extent because I believe not everybody will be subjected to agreeing with me. If you have a better opinion, addition or observation.

Your Contributions are strongly welcome in the comment box. Please endeavor to share this post with your friends on social media and on your lists. Thanks

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