There are no two ways to success in getting targeted traffic when you failed to exhibit hard work. I have no doubt to the success of some blogs who decided to make hard work their motto. Sometimes ago I wrote about a post “can publishing many posts, boost my targeted traffic”. This particular article spanned so high that people read and shared it.

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 I decided to write something related to it because of the testimony I got from one new blogger who shared his own experience after reading “can publishing many posts, boost my blog traffic” on my blog. I was also reading some posts on doncaprio lately. The fact still remains that posting many high quality posts per day will definitely definitely boost and bring back your visitors to your blog.

 It is no secret at all on how search engine feels when we put fresh contents and updates our blog frequently, let alone the increase we’ll see in our alexa rank. In case you don’t know, alexa ranks your blog according to how effective you are on your blog. When you check most of the bloggers having good alexa rank, then you know they post many articles on their blog in a day. 

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Write more to get more, is just like a law of attraction… what you give is what you get. Though some changed it In that, what you kept might have been stolen, then you get nothing. Lol!. What I’m trying to say in essence is that; stop complaining about not having more traffic to your blog and start penning points done. 

I think I have hundreds of blog posts title that I’ve already penned down and whenever I’m short of post title, I go back to them and write. Though, some said it is not easy to think and write, but this is where passion for blogging comes in. I tried to write as if I’m teaching and this is how I make writing very easy for me. 

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How many posts Should I Publish in a day?

 This actually depends on how serious you want your traffic to change. For a person who wants a sky rocket type, minimum of 2-3 posts in a day could unleash a new season of traffic for you. 

But for those that are contented with their recent traffic and they always post once in every 2 days  then they should continue… but I will advise the new bloggers who really want to make it in blogging should follow the first step and post not only ordinary contents, but high quality ones. 

Therefore, how does writing more post in a day help get your targeted traffic? 


  1#. People win your reliability 

This is one of the good things about posting many articles in a day, because people tend to have trust in you. I’ve seen cases where I recommended a blog to a friend of mine. I told this my friend that he will definitely find a new post on that blog. 

This is the level of reliability that we should build with our readers, that whenever they visit our blog they find new things. This will not only make your blog visitors smile, but also make search engine fall in love with your blog.

  2#. Search engine is happy with your blog 

From researches and what we’ve learnt from Google itself, we know the sides to open to frequent updates of once blog. Google bots love seeing fresh contents on your blogs because you make them to be hard working. 

And with this, whenever keywords related to your site are search on Google query, they quickly bring up your blog to searchers and in turn you have more page views than before. 

  3#. Your posts are index 

This is equivalent to law of give and take, “what you take is what you give”. You can’t have just 20 posts on your bog and you are expecting 3000 page views that magic can never work. 

It is the amounts of article you have on your blog that gets index, which eventually get to search queries. This means your coast is actually limited compare with a blog that has 400 articles in it. 

4# .Retain repeats visitors 

Frequent posting of more articles per day on your blog helps to attract more visits to your blog and eventually they subscribe to it. Whenever they get your daily updates, they get informed and they are so such and confident of your blog so they have no means to check other blog which help you retain your existing readers and even add more to them. 

5#Attracts new visitors

Not only do get more visitors whenever you post more visitors whenever you post many article in a day, but also help your blog in term of search engine optimization. Do you know that each new post is a new channel for people to find your blog in search engines? If you are not aware of that, then I’m telling you now. 

You get indexed whenever you have posts published, and they more posts you have on your blog, they better your blog response in search engine, because it’s exactly what you give search engines that she is giving back to people. 

Therefore, my advice to you is endeavor and strife hard to publish more quality contents on your blog per day, so as to enlarge, attract and get you your targeted traffic.

 Remember, blogs without substantial traffic is like a living dead. I believe you enjoy this post as much as I did? Therefore, take your time to share this post with your friends, follow us on twitter and comment via comment box.
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  1. Hi! I'm from Cast off Blog Syndication group on Facebook and I just shared your post to my FB friends…

    On the number of posts you should publish per day, I believe it depends on the niche you're in? I know some readers and followers who prefer a few posts a week from the blogs they follow rather than multiple posts per day. Anyway, great post!


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