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3 days ago I received an email from someone pitching me a sponsored opportunity.

2 days ago – after I told him of my sponsored post rates – he emailed me back, letting me know he really wanted me to become an affiliate.

Time saving Tip for Busy bloggers
Time saving Tip for Busy bloggers

I emailed back “No thank you.” 3 words.

1 day ago he wrote me a long, in-depth email trying to convince me of his opportunity. After I wrote “No thank you.”

I estimate he spent/wasted 30 minutes unclearly trying to convince someone who’d zero interest in his offering.

He’d have been wiser to spend those 30 minutes reaching out to 5 highly targeted folks by commenting genuinely on their blogs, by promoting them on social media and by helping them in as many ways as possible, to build friendships.

Blogging buddies tend to accept prospering opportunities from trusted friends.

Or blogging buddies promote friend’s prospering opportunities to their friend networks, growing each other’s business.

The biggest time saving tip for any blogger: spend time building your friend network *now* so prospering opportunities multiply exponentially for you down the road.


I have not pitched any blogger on anything in years.


I spent years building strong friendships with top bloggers, promoting them, endorsing them and commenting genuinely on their blogs.

Business opportunities, profits and traffic flow to me freely now. I waste zero time pitching any blogger, let alone disinterested parties.

I pick and choose opportunities which is effective and efficient, and a massive time saver.

The silly blogger who emailed me 3 times wasted 30 minutes because he was a stranger to me, outside of my direct niche and he had no idea I get emails like that from strangers all the time, all of which I ignore.


Good blogging friends move to the front of the line when it comes to helping people. When friends speak, I listen. Even if I don’t pursue business partnerships you betcha I promote my blogging buddies, expanding their reach and growing their business.

I ignore strangers who pitch me because they are not genuinely interested in me; they’re only interested in what I can do for them.

Can’t you see why it’s idiotic to waste hours, weeks and months pitching strangers?

Can’t you also see why it’s smart to spend hours, weeks and months building meaningful friendships which lead to steady blog traffic and blogging profit increases over time?

One of the ultimate time saving tips for busy bloggers; promote other bloggers without looking for anything in return to build meaningful friendships. Every second you spend building meaningful bonds pays exponential returns down the road.

Think Beyond Today

  • Get out of Survival Mode.
  • Stop thinking only about how much money you can make today to put a roof over your head and food on your table. Stop blogging to survive because your desperation leads to endless failure.
  • Focus on building strong friendships over the long haul.
  • Promote other bloggers. Endorse other bloggers. Comment genuinely on their blogs.
  • Use time effectively.
  • Build powerful bonds with top bloggers.
  • The returns you’ll see over months and years will be staggering.
  • Save your time.
  • Think beyond today.
  • Be an effective and efficient blogger.

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  1. Ryan – I have gotten to that point where I ignore those emails from people I never heard of before. I figured if they really wanted to have me as a contributor or such they would be leaving comments on the blog first.
    It makes me laugh when the email doesn’t even start with my name! That’s a big red flag.
    Thanks for sharing your tips here on how to save some time, that’s my biggest issue this year to date.

  2. Hi Ryan,

    Pitching seems to be not only a time waster but also too much of hard work. As you said in one of your previous articles, promoting the work of buddies is the easy or effortless way to get results in the long run.

    This articles brings up the point you had raised earlier and provides more justification to helping other bloggers get what they want without seeking anything in return. Here you have also mentioned what kind of messages or offers to ignore.

    In this article we can learn from your experience and make better use of our time and effort. Thanks for sharing this tip. Have a great day!



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