blogging income

3 words pop up in my mind.

Every time I ponder my blogging income problems from the past I think of these 3 words.

Struggling bloggers should dwell on these 3 words.

blogging income

The 3 words boost your blogging income. If you believe in the phrase.

Are you ready for the delightful trio?

“It’s only money.”


3 Words for Bigger Profits

I tweeted the product page for my blogging audio course 5 minutes ago. I tweeted the same sales page twice prior today.


It’s only money.

Meaning I offer the course via a means of exchange called “money”.

Bloggers feel uncomfortable promoting business products or services once, twice or 3 times daily. Some see sharing product pages as spamming. Others believe sharing business pages feels pushy or maybe is a bit too much promoting for their tastes, but only because they have a negative idea of money.

The few bloggers who see money as only money – nothing more, no big deal – promote their premium offerings freely, get clear on their offerings and increase their blogging income over the long term.



Bloggers fear promoting products and services because bloggers cling to fears regarding money. Every fear regarding money is untrue because money is just money. Money is only money. Money is not scarce. Money is not limited. Money is just a means of exchange.

Knowing this, you immediately take the negative, fear-based charge out of money. You have every right to share something helpful in return for a means of exchange called “money”.

You have an important duty though; face, own, embrace, feel and release money-related fears that add a negative charge to your premium offerings. Most bloggers experience a sort of heaviness when promoting premium offerings because most bloggers give a powerful meaning to money. Money is not powerful, nor is it scarce. It is just money. Neutral. No big deal.

Taking this blase attitude about money inspires you to promote both your free content and premium offerings generously because when you see money as only being a neutral means of exchange you get clear on your premium offerings, promote these products and services freely and increase your sales through your newly established clarity.

Meanwhile, bloggers who feel awkward or uncomfortable around money tend to pull back on promoting their products and services, and as you hold back, it is held back from you, as the good book says.

Not me.

If anyone has issues with me promoting my premium stuff, it has all to do with their fear around money and nothing to do with me and my pretty detached feeling about money.

Remember; it’s only money.

The more relaxed, calm, chill and detached you feel about money the more money flows into your life through your blog because you will have a harmonious relationship with money.


The Lords of Illusion

Beware; society has a very screwed up, fear-based, totally untrue idea of money, believing money to be limited and scarce.

Do not allow the general public’s inaccurate view of money to infect your mind.

It’s only money.

Do not allow your country or government to shape your view of money; governments are in the business of manipulating people through mass fear and scarcity, from the United States to European countries, to developing nations around the globe.

It’s only money.

You are not asking for someone’s first born child, or their arm, or their leg, as a means of exchange for your blogging course. Nope; you’re just requiring a means of exchange called “money” to change hands for goods rendered.


It’s only money.

Remove the stories about money that you attach to money. None are true, save money being a simple, neutral means of exchange.

When you remove the charge from money you will have few issues making money through your blog. As the stories die, so do the fears, and as the fears die, you’ll align with prospering ideas, prospering people, prospering circumstances any…


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