Hello readers, how have you been? It’s been a hard ride today, I actually went on a date. It was great I must say. Today I brought something very interesting for you. I remember In my last post I talked about how you can make you post title appear before your blog.

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I believe we’ve all made that proper correction? Note to take much of your time, I’ve actually talked about how important backlinks are on this blog, I remember I talked about how you can get backlink with Facebook and how you can get backlink with forums, these are all text based links. But today, I want to talk about how you can SEO your images and turn them to backlinks for your sites. Hmm! Interesting right?

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Guess we only talked about images in search engine performance aspect. But to be candid, images can do more than what you guys think, images are great for landing organic traffics, and it’s also great when it comes to getting you backlinks. Just sit back and let’s discuss how images can get you great backlinks for your blog.

  Image Directories

Did you notice this? Lately bloggers have started cultivating the habits of getting their blog images from image directories. Do you know why? Because they’ve discovered the secret of getting backlink links from image directories.

Therefore, both the new bloggers and those old bloggers who have not tested this should go try it and you’ll never regret it. You can always get backlinks from image directories, whether you into photography or you an artist.

We have so many directories online and therefore even if you aren’t that perfect as graphic designer, you can always get people to do the image job for you on fiverr where you pay for job done.

 Examples of some online image directories are listed below

 • (Stock Photography) (Icons) (Icons) (Clipart) (Stock Photography)

For you getting a backlink or two, you need to upload you icon or images in an archive on your blog, and then you make these website know you have all it takes for the work. Then you have a better chance of getting selected if the icons you’ve created are of use to them.

 Always make sure you check the “popular” section to know which images are leading the trend… I mean hot. Therefore, on most sites you can always make the license to be free, I mean for them to get the images, and in this case you’ll get a link to your own credit as the author of the images.

Guess that is interesting right? And this is exactly how you get backlink to your blog. However, whenever someone is in need of either your images or icons, he/she get you link which at the same time will be a source of traffic for you, not to mention a high quality backlink you are going to get especially from a high PR blog/site. I believed in a simple way you’ve understand the principle behind getting backlink from image directories?

  Creation of Infographic

Infographics has been one of the best methods to get a quality backlinks because of its unique nature. But in this very own, it’s not that easy compare to image directories in that for you t get backlinks from authority sites like NYTimes, Punch and maybe Business insider etc are always very difficult. Such websites on a normal keep dumb hear to request, but you just throw in a quality infographic and you can smoothly easy the deal.

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Such websites value quality info graphic that provide active information for visitors, and therefore they tend to accept your request when you use infographic as bait.

 I think I’ve given a good lead to creating infographics, therefore you should be thinking of creating yours, it’s necessary for you to know that we have many tools available that let you create your own infographic at ease. One of a good tool I’ll recommend is Visual.Iy. learn more about to use it and in no time, you will become a guru.

  Image Search

There are lots of bloggers out there, who were found with the habit of just copying and pasting pictures they saw on blogs that got them attracted. Such people like this even find it difficult to acknowledge the image source. I believe once or twice it might have happened to you, don’t panic because it’s a great route to get a backlink.

 Therefore, for you to search out the image, you’ll right clicked on the image on your website, and the you copy the URL of the image. You now go straight to the google image search and click on the small image icon on the right side of the bar (search bar). It will give you the room to search with an image. Then this time, you will now paste the image URL, and press the enter button. 

After few sec, all the search result of the websites that have used your images will be listed. If you care to know or probably you have the time, you can check for those of the site who has given you an attribution link, and if not, you can contact them.

 In just my little way, I believe I have dealt with getting backlinks from your images? If you have gained from this post, make sure you share with your friends on social media, and your opinion is needed vial the comment box.

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